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Set up a system to fill your dental practice schedule

Set up a system to fill your schedule: Use the Unscheduled Treatment Plans list With school starting earlier than ever (my kids begin August 5th!), the dreaded fall downtime begins for most dental practices. Most families avoid scheduling any dental appointments during school hours for at...

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Call Lists: An essential way to keep schedules full

We’re all fighting the same dragon – holes in schedules. Do you sometimes feel that this never-ending battle is going to get the best of you? Not if you have a battle plan! A major part of this plan is the call list. With the right call list, you have the ability to fill your schedule and move on to the million other items on your To Do list.

Here are the call lists we maintain:

  • ASAP
  • Primetime (people that prefer evenings and weekends)
  • Unscheduled treatment
  • Monthly recall
  • Yearly recall

The ASAP list is a great one in Dentrix. Just ask your scheduled patient ‘If we have a change in schedule, would you like us to call you?’ – and you can easily add him to the ASAP list. Then, if you get a hole in the schedule – this is your first choice for a call list.

Since we’re open til 7pm through the week and Saturday mornings, we offer

Ideas to fill dentist schedules: Document reason for treatment

How are you doing at filling schedules these days? We've had some light days lately and are reviewing our systems for how to fill our dentist schedules, so here are a few ideas you can use:

  • Treatment plan everything in Dentrix - if it's not entered into the computer, then no one can follow up
  • Run Unscheduled Treatment reports regularly to call patients that did not schedule
  • Document your calls and letters to the patient so you don't overdo it.
  • Use a checklist to fill the schedule when you have "Day of" openings - that can be

Tracking Unfilled Hours using Dentrix

Every dental practice is the same in one respect – we all want a full schedule. When our schedule is full, we feel good. When there are holes, we feel stressed. As an office manager, our job is to fill the schedule – as the Ford ads used to say, this is our “Job #1”.  However, even a beautiful schedule can change at a moment’s notice – and everyone who has worked in dentistry for more than 5 minutes has seen a perfectly planned day crumble into wreckage due to no shows and cancellations.

If you want to make sure your schedule stays nice and full, how do you do that? It starts with