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No more Nordstrom vs. Wal-mart

For years, when talking marketing, this was a common question to ask, “Are you targeting Nordstrom clientele or Wal-mart people?” For dentists and physicians, this question is useless. Worse than useless, in fact, because it puts your focus on the wrong goals. People follow their insurance....

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Updating our dental practice website

Now I know why it takes so long to get a website updated! We approved the project July 2012 and we're almost ready to publish now - so, about one year to get a new website. I never thought it would take this long, but...

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What I learned at Chicago Midwinter Part 2

What I learned at Chicago Midwinter A dental office manager’s perspective Here are the rest of the ideas I picked up at the show: CareCredit updates – Always nice to meet with these reps who show us our applications and credit used in our practice last year, plus,...

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What I learned at Chicago Midwinter Part 1

What I learned at Chicago Midwinter A dental office manager’s perspective With an entire showroom floor full of clinical products and equipment, why would a dental office manager attend a dental tradeshow like the Chicago Midwinter? Here are the ideas I learned at the show: Dentrix updates – Since...

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New Uses for Old Things

I’m a big fan of the magazine Real Simple. My favorite is the ‘New uses for old things’ section where they take something you use every day for one thing – and then come up with a unique way to utilize this item. Here are...

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1,111 new patients

As all dental office managers and small business owners know, right now its end of month, end of quarter and end of year. For me, it’s time to measure the results of the year – time to see how all the projects, new ideas, and...

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Patient testimonials – great dental marketing for your practice

Want new patients for your practice? Video patient testimonials are a powerful way to improve your Google ranking and increase conversions on your website. According to Pixability:

Video gets results

  • Video in email increases click-through rates by 96%
  • Press releases that include video have a 500% increase in views
  • Video on your website makes you 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results

Just last week, I recorded and edited 2 patient testimonials for our practice. 

Patient Testimonial for Solving Dental Pain

One fellow talked about his experience having dental pain and how our practice treated him well personally and clinically. That video lasted 7 minutes - which is far longer than the recommended 1.5-2 minutes, but he said such amazing things we figure that a person in similar circumstances might watch the whole thing. We posted the 7 minute video on our website - and we also created a 2 minute clip of his video that we intend to use inside emails that we follow up for emergency patients that don't schedule. Here's the short version:

Patient Testimonial for Completing STM / Perio Treatment

Another video I completed was for a well-spoken patient (also an instructor at a local college) who recently completed her STM visits. Animated and positive, she also spoke with her hands, which made her video

Interview with DemandForce at the Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference

At the Dentrix Business of Dentistry conference, DemandForce had a booth and was promoting their relationship with Dentrix as a G5 Connected partner for dental marketing. Since I've been a DemandForce customer for almost 10 years, I thought it would be fun to do a video interview so Taylor could tell you about DemandForce himself. Hope you enjoy it!

I also am a big believer in filling schedules by sending e-newsletters to your patients - here are my thoughts on how to achieve amazing results with e-newsletters.

When is the last time you sent out an e-newsletter to your patients?

If it’s been more than 3 months, you’re overdue.

You may be thinking, “I don’t have time to write a newsletter.” Or