Set-Up a Recall System

Set-Up a Recall System


Learn how to setup a patient recall system, and make sure your practice is always staying busy.


If you would like to have a comprehensive recall system so that you retain patients and fill your schedules, I have written the instructions to run recall reports for the following procedures/visits:

Adult prophys
Teen prophys – Ages 11-17
Child prophys – under 11
Perio maintenance due to see Hygienists
Perio maintenance due to see Dr. Hamal (Periodontal Specialist)
Denture follow up
Pediatric dentist ortho cases
Sleep appliance check up
You will receive instructions to print postcards or letters for each one of these procedures. For fun, I also include instructions to create a QR code from a free website so you can insert QR codes into your postcards or letters as well.

In addition to instructions for printing these cards and letters, I also include instructions to help you run call lists that your team can use to make phone calls to patients to fill the schedule. I include instructions for the following call lists:

Monthly Recall
Yearly Recall
Unscheduled Treatment
5 Year Reviews
Pediatric recall list
And, as a bonus, I include a link to a section of training on making the phone calls to patients – and handling their objections.

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