Pay Dentists Fairly in Group Practice

Pay Dentists Fairly in Group Practice



Pay Dentists Fairly in Group Practice

If you are an associate dentist working in a group practice using Dentrix G dental software, how do you know you are being paid fairly?

This report walks you through the reports to run so you can see if you are being paid for the work you do – and if you have not been paid correctly, then it shows your administrative team how to solve the problem.


The administrative team members that enter payments have a direct impact on how much a dentist takes home, yet often, these team members were never instructed to change their approach in the software when an associate dentist joins the group. The more dentists in the group, the higher likelihood that mistakes are occurring – this report provides guidelines to follow to help establish checks and balances to keep the money straight.

I’m not suggesting that these payment entry errors are malicious – just very detailed. How is it handled in your group practice when a family of three come into the practice and end up seeing three different providers, but writing one check. Who gets paid? This can be managed through the proper adjustments – if you know how to set them up and use them properly.

Written for all dentists – associate and owner – as well as the accounting supervisor / administrator who wants to make sure that your office is handling this correctly.

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