How to Manage Patient Complaints

How to Manage Patient Complaints



Manage Patient Complaints

It’s human nature to avoid conflict.  But if you are a dentist, physician or other health care professional and you do not handle an upset patient well, then that patient will not only complain to his friends and family, he may even go online and post negative reviews about your practice.

Jill Nesbitt, an MBA administrator for a 6 dentist practice, reveals how the way you handle an upset patient can turn you into a hero and actually turn into positive testimonials for your practice. Turn Upset Patients into a Practice Asset takes you step-by-step through this process, showing how a different approach can make a big difference. Wonder what to say to an angry patient? Wish your staff were well trained to handle upsets so you could continue to care for patients? This approach can make it happen.

The first step is learning to recognize that patients will occasionally complain, and that instead of dreading the conflict and hoping the problems just disappear, you can turn this upset into a benefit for your practice. Drawing from over 15 years of industry insight, Jill shares insight on:

  • Why acknowledging patients’ feelings is so powerful
  • How to document specific concerns
  • The value of interviewing staff to discover opportunities for improvement
  • How to resolve patient’s complaints

Proven ways to have your angry patient thanking you by the end of a phone call.

Secrets to building and training a team that confidently and successfully steps up to resolve patient complaints every time.

Jill’s approach to handling patient complaints is practical, straightforward and easy to put into action today! It’s an unbeatable strategy for capturing the hearts and minds of patients and enjoying positive patient testimonials through word-of-mouth and online.

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