Dentrix Ascend Insurance Estimate Explanation

Dentrix Ascend Insurance Estimate Explanation



Dentrix Ascend Insurance Estimate Explanation

Are you using Dentrix Ascend in your practice?

Do you understand how the insurance estimates are calculated?

When you see an estimate that just looks wrong – do you know where to go to fix it?

8 Steps to Accurate Insurance Estimates

This short instruction manual will walk you through the 8 steps you need to understand (and edit) your insurance estimate so you can feel confident in what the program is showing – and you gain confidence when talking with patients.

These instructions include:

  • Easy to follow instructions written from an office manager’s perspective
  • Exact, click-by-click instructions to show you where to find what you need
  • Loads of images so you know just what you’re looking for
  • Sample spreadsheet so you can replicate the estimate yourself

Great Training Tool for ALL front desk teams

This set of instructions can also be used as a training tool for all your front desk team members. If you are the dentist or administrator of a large group practice, you can use this set of instructions to train your administrative team members across all locations.

Investing in this training for your team will provide many benefits.

Benefits of this Training

When your office provides accurate insurance estimates, your patients have confidence in the billing side of the practice. Your team will have drastically increased confidence when providing estimates to patients – and feel more self-assured when asking for co-pays because they know what insurance will pay. When the insurance estimate is right and you collect the right amount up front – then, you save yourself the hassle of sending statements and trying to run a follow up collections system. Money saved. Time saved.

This also benefits your team. Administrative team appreciate this training – they want to provide accurate insurance estimates to patients as this a reflection of their competence. And, when the clinical team sees that the administrative staff knows what they are doing – that leads to harmony in the office and smoother flow. Happy team. Happy doctor.

If you have any questions about this training or other Dentrix Ascend or Dentrix G series training, please give me a call.

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