Collections System

Collections System


This comprehensive collection system includes pre-written letters and scripts to use, coaching for exactly how to move patient accounts, and instructions to run specific reports to track performance.


This is a comprehensive collection system – it includes pre-written letters and scripts to use, coaching for exactly how to move patient accounts through the system and step-by-step instructions to run specific reports to track performance. This system has been used successfully in several large group practices and has allowed collection managers to catch up quickly on outstanding balances.

The fee for this entire system is $600.00  — to purchase this collection system, click on the Add to Cart button to the right.

You will receive:

  1. Step-by-step Instructions to run statements using Dentrix and EagleSoft
  2. Step-by-step Instructions to set up billing types / account types using Dentrix and EagleSoft – you will use these to separate the types of patient accounts:
    1. Standard billing
    2. Payment Agreements
    3. Temporarily on Hold
    4. To Collections
    5. Financial On Hold
  3. Recommendation on a 1-31 day Physical File used to manage this collections system in a timely manner
  4. Step-by-Step instructions to use the 1-31 day filing system
  5. Instructions to run the Collection Manager report in Dentrix (to find patients that may have fallen between the cracks)
  6. Instructions to run Aging reports in Dentrix
  7. A financial arrangements policy you can use or adapt for your office
  8. Scripts to use when calling patients who have a balance
  9. Pre-written letters you can use for:
    • 1st collection letter – A friendly reminder the patient has a balance due
    • 2nd collection letter – A sterner letter requesting payment
    • Financial on hold letter – Lets patients know their account is on hold until the balance is paid
    • To Collections agency letter
    • Partial payment letter
  10. Coaching for 23 different difficult financial situations & how to handle each one
  11. Recommendations to delegate parts of this collection system to other front desk team members (to save time for the billing manager to call patients)
  12. Handling Ortho collections – a special letter you can use for late ortho contract payments, instructions to follow up on ortho patients who are past due
  13. EagleSoft specific instructions

This system has everything you need to implement each and every step into your practice. And, if you would like hands-on help to work with your team and smooth out the process of implementing this into your practice, just call me at 615-970-8405.

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