Set Up Systems

Systems for your Dental Front Desk Team

Implement the Ideal Day in Your Office

Receive Step-by-Step Instructions to Implement the Ideal Day

Coaching for meeting with your team, customizing the form and following up

The first step to increase the efficiency of your front desk team is to organize their time. If you want to help your team to get more done, then download this free step-by-step instructional guide and watch a short video.

This guide will help you to lead your front desk team:

  • Shows you how to take an idea and make it happen with your front desk team
  • Provides you specific words to use as you introduce this new idea
  • Gives you a time frame for following up to make sure this system is working effectively
  • Prepares you for negative comments and non-compliance – and gives you what to say to handle these objections

Start today to manage your front desk staff. When you click Submit, you will automatically be taken to a web page where you can download your free Step-by-Step Instructions and view the video.

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