Set up Systems for your Front Desk Team

Set Up Systems for your Front Desk

Thanks for downloading your Free Step-by-Step Instructions to Set Up Systems for your Front Desk Team. Just click on the link to open this document in Word and then you can save and print it anytime.

Here is your free Step-by-Step Instructions to Set Up Systems link: Set Up Systems for Front Desk Team

And, since we are using the Ideal Day as the first system we will implement, here is another link to the free Ideal Day Agenda link:  Ideal Day

Please print a copy of each and have them in front of you while you watch the video. In this short video, I will talk you through the value of using systems in your practice and we will use this Ideal Day Agenda as your first system to get implemented.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I’d love to hear your experience with meeting with your team to implement this new system.

Time to Implement

As part of the Organizing your Front Desk series, this is the only time you will get a second chance to implement an idea. Make sure that you are working with your team to use their Ideal Day every day – eventually you will be updating your team’s Ideal Day to incorporate the new ideas you will learn through this series. That is why it is so important that you implement this system – it is the foundation for organizing the administrative team time.

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