How to Set Up Dentrix Adjustments

Set Up Dentrix Adjustments | Dental Staff Training

The way you set up your adjustments inside the Dentrix software matters. The incorrect setup can make your collections percentage look far worse than it really is. Plus, it can inflate your production numbers and mislead you into making poor management decisions for your practice.

Here’s an example to see why setting up your Dentrix adjustments matters:

Adj Tables

You can see that depending upon how each adjustment is set up in the software, the provider’s net production and net collection numbers can be drastically different.

This video will walk you through the following:

  • Why the setup of your adjustments matters
  • How to see the setup of your adjustments now
  • How move the adjustments into the production or collection categories
  • How to set each adjustment to be positive or negative
  • The type of adjustments I recommend you use

It also will demonstrate how to use this information to track performance and make decisions, such as:

  • Running the Provider AR Totals report to find your net production and net collection results
  • Creating a monthly tracking spreadsheet for each provider

Also, here is a spreadsheet you can use (just like the one in the video) so you can track the net production and net collection for each provider: Monthly Provider Production Collection

I recorded this as a video so you can watch it as many times as needed – and you can stop it at any time as well as you are working with your Dentrix software. However, sometimes, it’s helpful to talk through the process, so if you have any questions, please feel free and give me a call and I am happy to help you.

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