New Patient Checklist for your Dental Practice

New Patient Checklist for Dental Practices

Convert every phone call into a scheduled patient without missing a beat

Receive a New Patient Checklist template

Use this template to handle every new patient phone call smoothly no matter how busy the front desk is at the time. With sample scripts & follow up task list to set up your new patients properly

This New Patient Checklist will help you:

  • Helps your front desk team to handle new patient phone calls professionally each and every time
  • Alerts other staff that this person is talking with a new patient so she will not be interrupted
  • Quickly train new hires to handle new patient calls properly

You invest a significant amount in your marketing, all to get a new patient to call your office. Using a new patient checklist gives your team a step by step form to make sure that every new patient is handled smoothly from the start.

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