Organize your front desk team: Use an Ideal Day

Use an Ideal Day to Organize your Front Desk Team

Thanks for downloading your Free Ideal Day Agenda. Just click on the link to open this document in Word and then you can save and print it anytime.

Here is your free Ideal Day Agenda link: Ideal Day

Please print a copy and have it in front of you while you watch the video. In this short video, I will walk you through how to use this Ideal Day Agenda – and then you can customize this for your team.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I’d love to hear how this agenda works for you and your team.

Now, it’s your turn – Implement the Ideal Day into your Team

Now that you have the Ideal Day template open on your computer – save it on your computer. Next, take the printed copy and sit down with your front desk team to customize a version to fit your practice. The more you encourage your team to contribute their daily tasks into this Ideal Day, the more they will buy into the concept – and you will be successfully accomplishing more at your front desk very soon.

And for the Dental Office Manager – The Ideal Week

In many offices, the office manager has some additional responsibilities – reconciling the daily deposit, entering EFT and insurance payments, making collections calls, etc. – so, here is an Ideal Week template designed to organize the office manager’s time as well.

Click to download the   Ideal Week

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