How an MSO supports Dentist Group Practice Owners

Free to Do What You Do Best

As the dentist owner of a multi-location or large group practice, you are busy! Most likely you are seeing patients, coaching your associates on clinical care and case acceptance, keeping an eye on the bottom line and trying to make sure you visit each office regularly to stay in touch with your team and provide some leadership to the group. And, if you’re growing, you may also be meeting with advisors, considering new practices for purchase and meeting with your accountant to make sure everything is on track.

As you spend more and more time on practice management, would you like to be able to spend your time on what you do best – and delegate the management? This article outlines how dentist owners can work with an MSO (management service organization) to not only allow the dentist owner to spend time on what you do best, but also achieve a higher level of performance throughout your group.


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