#18 – Yellow Pages Tracking

We run ads in several different directories and track them to see how they perform.  On a monthly basis we print reports from some of the directories showing a summary of the calls we received thanks to our ads. These reports also include a detailed listing of each phone call. We use this report for 3 things:

  1. To track the performance of our yellow pages ad
  2. To call and invite folks to schedule an appointment.
  3. To monitor and coach our staff answering the phone.

The yellow pages reports you will use include:

  • Yellow Book – MiamiShelby Yellow Pages
  • Verizon Tipp City/Troy

Step 1: Get the reports:

Yellow Book Miami Shelby

Go online & print them from the website:

ID: ____________

Password: ____________

Click on the Reporting tab (and Yes to the window asking to view unsecure info)

Select Yellow Book Lead Tracker Calls link

Select the dates for the previous month & click Update

Under the map, click for the Adobe file, open the file and print.

Now, you can work with this spreadsheet – check the calling phone numbers to determine if these are existing patients.  Determine how many of the calls we received this month are Unique calls, of from  the same person calling multiple times.  We track just the Unique Calls we receive from this phone number, meaning each number that calls us only counts once.  Record the number of unique contacts in T://marketing/Tracking/tracking(year).xls

Listen to the calls – check the patient names in the Dentrix Family File to see if they are a patient. If coaching for a secretary is needed, bring the call to the attention of an upper level secretary.  They will listen to the call, and work with the secretary who was on that call

Rank the calls.  The highest rank calls should be for existing patients.  Hang up calls, etc should receive the lowest rank


Verizon Tipp City / Troy

Go to

ID: __________

Password: __________

Click on Contact manager

Change the first field

Show contacts to “show all activity”

In the second field Lead Via, select 937-353-7060 Tipp/Troy Verizon & Yellow Pages Directory

In the dates – select the dates for the previous month

Then click the button Filter ListPrint this list

Write at the top Verizon YP month/date

The calls we receive through these Yodle numbers are listened to on a weekly rotating schedule.  One secretary is assigned every week to listen to the calls for the 7 days or so prior, and rank them based on calls we want to receive in the future or not.  Listen to the calls – check the patient names in the Dentrix Family File to see if they are a patient. If coaching for a secretary is needed, bring the call to the attention of an upper level secretary.  They will listen to the call, and work with the secretary who was on that call


Step 2: Track the performance

To track results for the Yodle calls:

Listen to phone calls from PPC advertising only (ignore the calls that are from other yellow pages books such as AT&T or Verizon) to confirm if each patient scheduled an appointment or not.

Go to Dentrix family file & look up by the phone number.

If the number is associated with a new patient that has a scheduled appointment, then enter that patient’s name (turn it red) in the Marketing Tracking spreadsheet so you can go back into that person’s ledger to track the $ collection.

Check this spreadsheet monthly and go back to any patients names listed in red & look for $ collection – if there is any, then enter that number into the $ production in the spreadsheet and turn the patient name back to black.

If the number is not there or is for an existing patient that has been seen within the last 12 months, then do not include the $ collection.

Monthly, note in the marketing tracking file the number of calls and the number of new patients.

To find the monthly expense, ask the accounting staff & then enter this into your spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the return on investment for each month and year to date.

Our goal for Yodle is simply to break even b/c the recorded calls offer such a great value for secretary coaching and tracking of other yellow pages ads.


To track our performance for the SBC calls:

Looking at the call report, find the first call listed, open Dentrix and go to the family file & select “Home number” as the lookup method. Type in the Caller number to see if there is a patient associated with this phone number. Be sure to check all the patients on the account – maybe one of the children is scheduled?

If there is a name listed in the call report, then go to the Family file & look up this name to see if they are a patient. Again, be sure to check for all the patients on the account – maybe Mom called to schedule one of the children?

Hand write on the call report to the left of each call, one of the following: NP – New patient, Pt –Existing patient

We track the totals in Marketing Tracking spreadsheet. Select “Other Prof Refs” (stands for Other Professional Referrals) and look for the yellow pages ad on which you are working. Fill in the spaces for tracking.  To get production, check the patient’s ledger and add up any visits for the first month in which the patient came in.

Be sure to rate calls in Yodle and YellowBook 360 – give 5 stars to anyone who schedules or is an existing patient and 0 stars to wrong numbers; use your judgment for the rest.


Step 3 To generate new clients

To call patients:

Flip report back to the page with name and address listings

If the name is not a current patient, the phone number does not bring up a patient, or it is a patient but has not been seen within the year, call them & say “Hi, this is Jill with HealthPark Dentistry. I notice that you contacted us and just wanted to make sure that you got all your questions answered.” You can also leave a voicemail with this same message including our phone number.

The goal is to schedule a cleaning and exam appointment for them.

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