#7 – Responsible for all Client follow up

A. Fill hygienists’ schedule for two weeks

Go back and review level 1.  The trick is to balance your new tasks you’ve learned with the old tasks you know how to do while learning new tasks.  Easier said than done.  However, even though the most important goal must be developing your career, a second equally important goal is maintaining the productivity of the practice.  After all, that’s where the raises come from!

One highly visible sign of this balance is hygiene recalls.  When you are ready to complete level 2 you should have the hygiene schedule filled 2 weeks in advance.  Part of this will require a flow of clients.  An equal part to this is your ability to motivate people over the telephone.

Work on reactivating clients at the hygienists’ appointments. The best time to work the phone is 4:00-7:00.  Expect to make a minimum of 4 appointments in 1 hour. Write down why clients didn’t make appointments on the yellow treatment sheet.

Each day open another day of hygiene schedule.  First, call the clients that you placed on the eve/Saturday call list.  Never open more than one day and never book more than two weeks in advance.


B. Monthly Continuing Care – (Monthly Recall)

Your teamleader will print and hand out this list at the beginning of the month.

You should fill out your call list manually (see sample) – use a pencil to checkmark each patient’s status – phone call, email/letter. Expect to complete all your calls by the third week of the month. You should mark in your planner the time you are planning to work on your call lists. Plan for an evening, a morning and an afternoon for your call – put this time in your planner. Mark on your list the result of each patient’s contact – choices include:

1.         Scheduled

2.         Left Message

3.         NA – Not available (never able to leave message)

4.         WCU and reason why


Your goal is to schedule at least 65% of your list. Generally, this is easy to do when you talk with the patients. They often want to schedule, they are simply just busy & want to “call you back” in order to procrastinate – don’t let them! You may want to encourage them to stay on time for their cleaning/exam so that they can maintain their warranty on any treatment we have provided. You may want to remind them that if they stay on time for their cleaning/exam appointments, we can help them avoid problems & catch early stages of decay before things turn into significant fillings or crowns – so they can save money by coming in for their cleaning/exam.

Then, the last couple days of the month go through your list of patients that did not schedule & check their ledger and the appt book to see if they have scheduled or completed their cleaning appt. If they did, then mark your list as scheduled. You get credit for any patient that schedules their cleaning/exam that is on your list if you made the calls. Your results will be tallied at the end of the month and added onto the monthly report that is shared with the full staff at our monthly meeting. The office manager will read each secretary team member’s performance on all the call lists she works in terms of hitting the goal each month in the full staff meeting. So, everyone on staff will know how you are doing on these all important lists.

Script for the Continuing Care list: Hi, this is Jill with HealthPark Dentistry. I am reviewing our records and found that you are overdue for your cleaning, exam and oral cancer screening. I have time on Tuesday at 10:30, how does that work for you?

Your responsibility is to call and talk with the patient. You will call the first time & leave a message if they have not scheduled w/in the next week – send the patient an email or snail mail letter.

Your voicemail message should say: Hi, this is Jill with HealthPark Dentistry. I am reviewing our records and found that you are overdue for your cleaning, exam and oral cancer screening. I have time available this week, please give me a call to reserve a time. You can reach me at 667-2417. Thanks!


To make your Monthly Recall & Yearly Recall phone calls:

A.        Receive the list

B.        Check each patient when you plan to make the calls – do not check your whole list in advance.

C.        Check the patient’s ledger and check the appointment book in order to:

–     See if the patient had or has an appointment in the future

–     Anyone who has been written off or sent to collections (please still call them)

D.        Call the patient – use your script!

–     Call work or cell phone first, then call home next – ok to leave message – please note in the G note of the ledger with initials

–     This equals 1st call

E.         Send letter, email or text– there are quick letters to choose from – GP Recall Reminder is one or GP Recall WCU – you can build/view these letters to see which one might fit this patient & then copy & paste into an email or just mail the letter.


To send a text is done thru DemandForce.

  • Log on to DF
  • click text
  • tab
  • type patient last name in search box,
  • select their name,
  • click text
  • template- write my own
  • write text
  • send

** this will need to be done individually per patient


End of month calculation on your call lists:

–           Count total # patients on your list (A)

–           Count total # patients scheduled (even if you did not get them scheduled on your call, but they called in after you left a message) (C)

–           To figure your % :  Total # patients scheduled (C) divided by Total potential patients



25        Total patients on list (A)

15        Total number of patients you scheduled b/c you called them

15/25 = 60%


C. Unscheduled treatment phone calls (report is ran weekly on Tuesday)

The office manager will print the list and separate for each of you.  The first thing you need to do is go through your list and see if anyone is scheduled.  In order to get credit for your calls you must make the first call (when you call you must put a note in the clinical notes, on the yellow tx sheet and update your excel call list following the path). Formal tx plans that are scheduled don’t count either unless you schedule an appointment and get them going again on treatment.  You only get credit for what you schedule.  To get your percent for two weeks you count how many patients were on your list and divide by how many patients scheduled.  Review the chart to make sure you understand what you are scheduling and how much time is needed with the doctor/staff.

The steps to make your calls ( your percentage to finish level is 50%)

  1. Week 1 of receiving your list- Phone call (ok to leave a message)
  2. Week 2 – Phone call (do not leave a message – send an unscheduled tx letter and Care Credit Application
  3. Week 3 – Doctor to call to follow up the letter you sent if not scheduled


D.  Keeps all appointment lists current (prime time, ASAP, broken appt in Excel & Dentrix)

You are responsible to fill schedules and keep them filled. There are several lists that you are responsible for working on and completing every month to make sure that our patients are staying on track for their dental care to stay healthy.


Prime Time

This is a list of people who want evening and weekend appointments only. We schedule these type of appointments off of this list to try to be fair b/c these are our most popular appointment times. This list is kept in Excel – F:Call Lists Prime Time list.xls. You are responsible to review this list weekly, choose an evening, look for holes in the schedule and call from this list. Put this list into your ideal day.



This is a list that all patients with appointments can be added to. It is for people who are scheduled for an appointment but would like to come in sooner. The more folks on the ASAP list, the easier it will be to fill holes.


Broken appointment list

In Excel – this is a list used for people who call & break appointments and want to reschedule. We do not reschedule anyone who breaks an appointment on short notice (less than 24 hours), so you can put those people on this list & schedule them from here to heal the schedule. This list is best used to fill holes in the schedule. You are responsible to review this list weekly, call from this list. Put this list into your ideal day.

In Dentrix – called the unscheduled appointment list – used for the same reason. This dentrix list is another way to fill holes in the schedule. When you break an appointment in Dentrix, the person’s name & appointment automatically go onto this list – so, a person that does not call to cancel his appointment but simply does not show up will end up on this list when the appointment is broken. To print this list: go to office manager, reports, lists, choose unscheduled appointment list, select provider & date and click Print. You are responsible to review this list weekly, call from this list. Put this list into your ideal day.  When you call from this list, double click on the person’s name, add a note (insert dateline first) that you left message or talked with the person, then click Wait/Will Call button so you can see this person has been called.

In the morning, secretary to print the ASAP list at 8:00 along with the other call lists that are printed off daily.  To print off the ASAP list, you must be in Dentrix and pull up the ASAP list, hit the Print screen button on your keyboard and then minimize.  Go to Word and on blank document hit edit and then paste, print this list out but do not save.  Keep this list in the appt basket to be worked as needed daily to fill schedules.  Make notes off to the side of the sheet and put notes in future appt (if messages were left to move the appt so that if the patient calls bak whoever talks to the patient will know what to do with that appt).  If you do reach the patient and they wish to move their appt, just go to original appt and move it to the new day and time.  On the ASAP list then highlight client to show that appt was then moved to fill schedule.  On ideal day, write how many calls were made to show that this list is being worked.


Drag and Drop Scheduling from Lists:

This function is available for any list accessed from the Appt Lists menu including the ASAP List, the Unscheduled List, the Pinboard List, and the Appointment List.

Click on a patient’s appointment while viewing a list, and then drag the appointment to an open time in your book.  This moves the appointment off the list and reschedules it to the chosen open time.


Ideas to fill hygiene schedule

  1. Ask all patients if they would like to be put on the ASAP list.  Make good notes times avail etc. Track to see success.
  2. Allow only 10 minutes before taking action to fill schedule.
  3. Alert Dr.’s Hygienists to schedule opening (usually easier to fill last min holes internally)
  4. When the charge out got done did the time stay at the appropriate amount or did it lessen/or does it need extended.
  5. Check in the morning, were all patients confirmed.  Reconfirm if not done.
  6. Use, ASAP list, Unscheduled apt list, Welfare list, and Monthly recall list as needed.  Make good notes so we don’t call same pts multiple times etc.
  7. As soon as opening assign a secretary or 2 to implement above systems.
  8. Update Secretaries and staff how the ideas are going.  How are we doing at keeping schedules filled.

_____________________________________                 ___________________

Teamleader                                                                Date


Monthly __________________ List Tracking


Month/Year: _______________________________

Total on List: _________

Messages Left: ________

Disconnected/No Answer: ___________

Talked to: _____________

Scheduled: _____________

% scheduled _____________                              (must be filled out when you turn in)

Remember – you are to call EVERYONE on the list – no matter whether they were sent to collections, are a day of only patient, etc.  We want these folks to know that they are overdue & motivate them to get back in.

Record every conversation you have with a patient that does NOT schedule to find out WHY.  Write the patient name, why they are not returning & how you handled their objection.  Review with the office manager at end of month for coaching to handle objections.