#13 – Overseeing filing bin & x-rays in a timely manner

Now, you need to manage this system – make sure everyone is keeping up with their filing responsibilities.

Miscellaneous paperwork that needs filed, x-rays that need filed, returned mail that needs to be handled. All this miscellaneous paperwork needs to be managed in a timely manner so that information is in the chart when the patient comes in. This is a daily project that is handled by the front desk.

1.         The green filing folder is located in a bin to the left of the secretary bins.

2.         Each day as miscellaneous mail and x-rays arrive, they are put in the red filing folder.

3.         High school/college part timers are primarily responsible for this task with the help of the secretaries.

4.         The secretary team is responsible to make sure the filing of that day’s paperwork is completed.


Check this file every week to make sure it is being filed regularly. This will prevent us from scrambling to look for x-rays or paperwork when a dentist needs them and they haven’t been filed correctly.


Date  checked                     # X-rays and Filing            Assigned to:                      Completed date




__________________________________                         __________________

Team Leader                                                                     Date