#4 – Opening the Office/Closing the Office

Once you unlock and open the front door, you have 30 seconds to turn the alarm system off.  Next turn on the radios in the side business office, unlock the back door and turn on the lights.

1. Business office

2. All hallways

3. Reception room

4.  On cool days adjust the entryway thermostat to heat that area.

Finally, turn off the voicemail button so that the light is off.


Closing the Office

1.         Turn on the voicemail so that the solid light is on.

2.         All switches for plumbing, electricity, etc. off (located to left of doorway in business office.)

3.         Straighten up reception room and business office.

4.         Turn off radio.

5.         Turn off copier, label printer, Visa printer

6.         Make sure all exhaust fans are off in the client bathrooms.

7.         Turn off both printers.

8.         Make sure all lights in office are turned off.

9.         Coffee pot – off & clean.  Cabinet light.  Side door – shut tight

10.       Turn on alarm system, turn off lights in business office, exit building and lock door in 30 seconds.


*** Example of opening closing list – sample

______________________ successfully opens and closes the office.

____________________________   __________________

Teamleader                                         Date


Opening  Duties – Front Desk  Mon     Tues    Wed     Thurs   Fri       Sat


Turn off alarm

Turn on smile channel

Turn on all lights

Turn on label printer

Turn on copier

Turn on radio – ALWAYS on the “Light Rock and Pop Hits” Station on Pandora on our Itouch.

**NEVER Country/Western, Rap, Hard Rock, etc.** The only other station allowed is Christmas music.

Turn on air/water/comp switches

Unlock safe drawer / count cash drawer

Listen to messages

Check schedules for holes

Daily report

Unlock door back/front/e-wing

Closing Duties – Front Desk

How feelings

Lock supply closet

Count cash drawer / lock drawer

Record postage amount

Turn off radio

Straighten reception room

All T.V’s are off

Turn off copier

Make sure all computers are down

Turn on answering machine

Turn off label printer

Lock nitrous tank

Lock back door

Turn off air/water/comp switches

Turn off all lights

Turn off coffee pot & popcorn popper

Lock east side & front door

Turn off Conf. Room and front door heater

Make sure schedules 100% full

Turn on alarm

Things to complete on Saturday

All closing duties from above

Sort Mail

All HIPPA forms to greeters