#23 – Past Duties Still Accomplished

As you move up in the levels, you will focus on new, more complex, and more interesting responsibilities.  However, you must make sure that your level 1 responsibilities are being completed.  Here is a list of the duties that must be accomplished. These duties are divided into 3 groups.

Delegated – simple tasks that level ones can easily do.

Shared – easily done by level ones, but tasks you can do to help out without falling behind.

Yours – All level 2 tasks –level ones not trained to do.

To Delegate

Pull charts for 3 days out, Make copies of end of day reports, Note referrals on charts, Establish daily routine (for level 1), File x-rays/copy x-rays, Find Files, Keep reception room business office clean and neat, Keeps files pulled and filed appropriately, Making copies of forms, profiles & brochures, Mailers to stuff & stamp, One Call Now confirmations-call any patient that call did not go through


Things to Share

How feeling calls, Confirm appointments, Finish day sheets, Check schedule 3 days out for holes, Scheduling, Use fax machine and copier, Check patients in and out, Day BoxDay’s schedule, Next day’s, Check welfare patients scheduled day before – make sure they are set up under correct fees, Check all Dr schedules next day – any patient or family member need cleaning/Tx, Recall/ primetime/asap list, Yearly recalls, Call any client that One Call Now did not reach, Make new client charts, Check FAs 3 days out, Check Premeds 3 days out, Keep schedules full, One Call Now reports, Make new patient charts, Any projects given by Jill or Dr’s

Your duties only

Keep docs/hyg sched full, Treatment plans, Unscheduled treatment, Open/Close office, Check off high schoolers, Coordinate for specialist, Huddles, PTE’s, Schedule doc lunches (specialists), Insurance cleanup, Correct NP paperwork in charts, Make appointment and business cards.