#19 – Document Center

Dentrix Document Center

We scan documents into our dental software such as insurance cards, case presentations, letters from specialists, financial arrangements, etc.

To scan any document in the copier and to be saved to the patient’s document center:

  • Put the document in the top of the copier
  • Press the “scanner” button
  • Press “scans” on the touch screen
  • Then “start”- it will now scan
  • The file: ____________  – is where the document will automatically be saved after scanned (as numbers)
  • Double click to open file
  • Open patient file, then click on document center
  • Click acquire, import from file
  • Select a document type
  • Type a name as the document type
  • Click okDocument should be saved

Now, go back to _______ and delete your scanned document

To save any word or excel document from the computer to the patient’s family file document center:

  • With the document open, click edit, select all- the right click, copy
  • Now, go to the patient family file
  • Select document center
  • Click acquire, paste from clipboard
  • Select a document type
  • Type a name as the document type
  • Click ok
  • Document should be saved

Examples of documents to be scanned are:

Insurance cards                 HIPAA form                No show letters

Perio consent forms           Pedo forms                  Ortho consult fa’s

Ortho referral letters         Ortho HH                    Retainer contracts

Case presentation consent/contracts                      Collection letters

Write off letters                 Ortho removal letter (of those that owe money)

Unscheduled and pte letters                                   breakdowns


To get signed off on this section, you need to show you can do this and identify any papers sitting around the front desk that need scanned.


Level 3+ Secretary