#20 – Works with DemandForce software

This software is installed on the server and copies our Dentrix data files into the Demandforce program which uploads daily at 8pm. No need to be “out of Dentrix” b/c it’s just a copy of the files. This software does 4 things automatically:

Satisfaction surveys – Sent to all patients, they fill out 8 standard questions & their comments & we get results compared to other DemandForce clients. Any results less than 80% show as a red alert for us to contact the patient & improve. This survey also includes an area for the patient to refer other NPs online.Appointment requests – Patients can request a date/time for an appointment & we receive an email with their info. We then call & schedule their appointment & send back an email to confirm this is booked.Confirmations – Sent to patients with appointments 4 days out, asking them to confirm online. We can see results in the dashboard.Continuing care emails – Sent to patients with last visit date over 12 months to motivate to schedule a cleaning/exam includes a custom incentive to motivate them to schedule.

DemandForce also has a relationship with Google so that if someone looks for a dentist in our geographic area and our website comes up – it will show “23 reviews” as a link next to our website. If you click on this link, then it will take you to our DemandForce page that shows results & comments from our satisfaction surveys and people can schedule appointments through this page.

Instructions for staff

Go to – Use this to log in to our dashboard



This takes you to our Dashboard where you can see an overview of all the programs running.

For Online training

On the Dashboard in the top right of the screen in small letters – click on Training.You can choose to sign up for a live webinar or self-running videos – choose Self Running VideosThen, just click on each one of these sections to watch the 2-5 minute videos to learn how to work with each section of DemandForce

To check online confirmations – Do this every Monday morning

On the Dashboard tab, look to the right column for Confirmations. Look under the New column – click on each day to bring up a window of patients that have been send email confirmations for their appointments that day. For all patients Confirmed, then put a checkmark in the box by clicking the box. For patients “Verify email address” – make a note in their appointment in Dentrix to do this. Be aware of other patients that have had their online confirmation delivered or read – if it has been read & not confirmed, these patients are possible no shows. Any time you see other New confirmations, click on that day & check as the week progresses.

To print a list of all online & offline patients each day:

On the Dashboard tab, look to the right column for Confirmations. Click on the Today link – this opens a new window. Now you can print this page – at the top is a list of all online patients and at the bottom is a list of all patients that you do not have an email address for. You can use this page to bring to huddle to let everyone know the patients we need to collect their emails. You can also print off a form letter that is customized to each patient asking them for their email address – to print this custom letter, click on the Print form link beside each patient’s name.

To ask for online referrals – Do this every Wednesday morning

Go to the Satisfaction Index tab – this shows a list of all patients that filled out an online survey for us. Click the % for each patient to see the survey – for each patient that says Yes to question #10 (Would you refer a friend?) then put a note in any future appointments for the doctor to thank them for filling out the online survey & ask them to refer a friend.

To see how many emails were added each day to the system

Click on the Results tab. Click on the number of Promotions sent in the current month. Look at the Date Sent – count how many were sent on each day; click Next as needed.

To check patient referrals  – every Wednesday morning

Click on Referrals tab – shows a list of patients that have referred other patients. Click on the number next to the referral patient name, this brings up a window that shows the name of the patient that was referred.Go into Dentrix to see if this person has scheduled (or completed) an appointment.If they have, make sure the family file referral box reflects the patient name that referred them.

To check satisfaction surveys – every Wednesday morning

Click on the Dashboard tab – look at the upper left box of Satisfaction Index. Click on the number of New surveys. Print all surveys with comments – if positive, give to the provider; if negative, give to Jill. Also, you need to check under the “Review” tab along the top of the screen to make sure there are no unread surveys in this location.

To use Hotlist:

The Hotlist will keep a list of up to 25 patient who can be contacted en masse to fill schedules.   Any patients on the Broken and Primetime lists who can be added to the Hotlist are to be so we can send texts or emails to ask them to fill our schedules with little notice.

To add names to the Hotlist:

Log into Dentrix.Click on Hotlist (lower right corner of dashboard screen)Click Add – you search by first name last nameIf they have text or e-mail opted in, click in the box to the left of the name, type a brief note (what is appt, provider, times) then hit add.

To delete names from the Hotlist:

Once the patient has scheduled or is being removed from Primetime or Broken lists for whatever reason, they need to be removed from the hotlist.Click on the box to the left of the patients name then hit delete.  This will remove the patient from the list.

To use the Hotlist:

Click in the box to the left of the patients name that you want to contact.Type in a brief message (i.e.: Hi, this is HealthPark Dentistry.  We have an available appointment today (day, date) at (time) and would like to offer you a chance to come in at a 20% discount.  Please call us at 667-2417 to take advantage of the offer!)Hit sendThis will automatically convert to text or email what you have typed and send it to all the selected patients.

To add photos or website links into any DemandForce outgoing email campaign:

Adding a Photo:

Upload the image you wish to use to a publicly accessible location on the internet (i.e. Photobucket, Flickr, etc.), or find the image you wish to use somewhere onlineRight click on the image and choose “Properties” and copy the image’s location or use the website address if the image is being hosted on Photobucket or Flickr.Log into Demandforce and start your campaign or locate the email to add the imageInsert the following HTML code in the body of the campaign using <img src=”website address to the image”>Click the preview button to view the campaign

If the image is too large, please add the following to re-size the image to the existing HTML tag so the tag reads like the following or copy and paste the tag into your campaign.

<img src=”website address to the image” width=”340″ height=”560″>

Click the preview buttonContinue through Campaign creation process

Our account for images:


Pword: 0df1ntwa1

Screen name: HealthPark2012


Adding a Link:

If you would like to add an additional link to your outgoing emails or campaigns, please use the following HTML tag:

<a href=”website address”>Click here</a>

This will create a clickable link to whatever website address you entered.

Keep the Demandforce website up on your computer screen so you can switch back & forth from Dentrix into Demandforce. This will help everyone to remember to gather emails & promote online scheduling & referrals.

A good script for talking about this program:

“We’ve made it easier for you to schedule appointments online and confirm appointments online. Plus we have an online referral rewards program that makes it convenient for you to refer friends here. Would you like me to add your email into our system so you can use these services?”

The greeter’s responsibility is to print the patients who are “offline” – meaning that we do not have a good email address for them. The greeter prints this list every day. She makes a copy for the East Wing and then both sides are to ask patients for their email address – and then enter the email address into each person’s family file in Dentrix so that each family member will receive an email when they are due for their cleanings.

_______________________________                         ____________________

Team Leader                                                                                                        Date