Admin Level 2

1. Advanced Scheduling – a, Pediatrics, b. Orthodontics, c. Periodontics, d. Implant Dentistry, e. Advanced GP Scheduling

2. Monthly Recall Calls

3. Yearly Recall Calls

4. Opening the office / Closing the office

5. Telephone log

6. Insurance – Adds new plans, submits with reattachments

7. Responsible for all client follow up – Fill hygienists schedule for 2 weeks, Monthly Recall, Keeps all appointment lists current – (prime time, ASAP, broken appt in Excel & Dentrix)

8. Makes new client experience smooth and trouble free

9. Calls in prescriptions for clients

10. Requesting records for a new client transferring into/out of our practice

11. Screening emergencies

12. Specifics to Remember for Entering Information in the Computer

13. Overseeing filing bin and x-rays in a timely manner

14. Enters Treatment Plans into the Computer

15. Quality Assurance  (peer review)

16. Huddle

17. Handles an Upset Client at the Front Desk

18. Yellow Pages Tracking

19. Document Center

20. DemandForce

21. Specialist Referrals

22. Computer Literacy – Itouch, Takes photos, YouTube, Digital Photo Frame, MetDental and Delta Dental Online, Troubleshooting Printer, Online security

23. Past Duties Still Accomplished

24. Ideal Day

How do you know you have finished this level?

The systems you will now have in place include:

  • Monthly recall – You have a system to run a list of who is due this month for recall and you contact each person and measure your success.
  • Yearly recall – You have a system to run a list of who hasn’t been seen for over a year and you contact each person and measure your success.
  • New patient checklist created & used regularly – You have created a checklist custom to your office for how to handle a new patient that helps you schedule properly & not forget any steps.
  • Treatment plans entered into dental software for every patient – You work with the clinical staff to make sure everyone in the office knows how & is treatment planning in the dental software for every patient.
  • Daily huddle – You know how to prep numbers and run this meeting.
  • Yellow pages tracking – If your office runs a yellow pages ad, you have the number set for call tracking and you run the report monthly to see the results. You also contact the people who called you to follow up and encourage them to schedule.
  • DemandForce or other Email software used regularly – You send a newsletter to all patients quarterly, you set up the recall, new patient welcome and reactivation settings as well as use the texting features to fill schedules.
  • Specialist referrals handled smoothly – You have a list of which specialists your dentist prefers and a system to keep the paperwork updated and these relationships strong.