#18 – Holiday Decorations

In Americawe have much to be thankful for.  Our major holidays give us a chance to recognize some of these “special” occasions.  Holidays are a great time to “dress up” the office and make it more interesting for the clients and us!  This is a chance to make the office more personable, warm, interesting, and caring. Here are the teams assigned to decorate the office for the different holidays:

 Team #1: December – March includes New Years, Winter Party, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter

Team #2: April- July    Memorial Day, Independence Day, Back To School Days

Team #3: August-December  Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving,  Christmas

The staff is divided into three groups.  We take turns decorating the office for these occasions.  Join your team to help us. Decorations are stored: _____________________.

December 1stSecretaries

  • Get decorations and tree out of shed
  • Hang stockings in lounge
  • Hang ornaments from ceiling at secretary desk and hang up garland
  • Decorate tree and put blanket at base-Santa hat on top.

January 1stAssistants

For after New Year’s – Remove Christmas décor

February 1st Assistants

For Valentine’s Day – on the 10th call florist and order carnations for patients.  Assign someone to pick up. 1 week before hang signs for staff to bring in their Valentine box and Valentines. Exchange on 14th. (Carry In)

April- 1stAssistants

Easter Party – Friday before –

Egg hunt –1 week before purchase 2 bags of small candies and stuff in eggs.

hide eggs & then hunt for them at end of team meeting. Carry In.

July 1st- Hygienist July cookout – figure out the meal plan for someone to go purchase everything and to use grill. Figure out a game to play

October 1st SecretariesPlan a Halloween dress up/Carry in Party Halloween decorate, run ad in paper to let community know we purchase candy $1 per 1lb and we send to troops.

November 1st. SecretariesThanksgiving – carry in