Rough Day?

Had a rough day? Had a rough year? If you are looking for meaning in your work, and perhaps meaning in your life, I’d like to share some resources that may be helpful for you.

My story

Just over 8 years ago, I had the American dream. Married to my high school sweetheart, two healthy kids, a beautiful home, a job I was good at, friends – I had everything I had ever wanted. Yet I was desperately unhappy. There was something missing.

Since my kids were very young, we took them to church so they could learn right from wrong and while they were in Sunday school, I attended a parenting class. In class I met a wonderful couple and the wife and I became friends. She was refreshingly honest about her struggles with parenting but she also commented about her relationship with God enough times that I realized she was different than I was: she actually believed in God and at the same time was a regular person.

Meeting Teresa was the first step in my becoming a Christian. I quickly found several resources that helped answer my many questions. The first was The Truth Project, a video series that tackles the basic questions of faith. Next was the book, A Modern Girls Guide to Bible Study, where the author, Jen Hatmaker, (another busy Mom) shared her story and I felt that now I had met two real, down-to-earth women who believed in Christ. My third resource was a new class offered at my church led by a young engineer who was also in seminary and titled his class Christianity for Thinking People.

Beyond those first few months, I found several more resources that helped refine my understanding and clarify my beliefs. I knew this was becoming obvious to the people around me when a co-worker asked me one day if I had started taking Prozac because I was so much calmer and happier at work, and I admitted that no, it wasn’t Prozac, it was Christ! As time has progressed, I have had some amazing opportunities that can only be explained as God-driven. It is unbelievable to me that today I have the same husband, the same kids, even the same dogs, but my life is completely different thanks to discovering a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

So, if you’re feeling like something is missing in your life – despite the fact that you have a good job, great skills, a happy family – maybe you would like to find some real meaning that will give you peace in your soul. I appreciate the people who answered my questions and these books for helping me start this journey, so thought they might be helpful for you.

Resources to help you

A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study: A Refreshingly Unique Look at God’s Word

Jen talks just like your friend, she is real and goofy and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is friendly and kind and funny too. As she tells stories you find yourself nodding along because you know what its like to be a busy Mom, busy wife, busy at work, and imperfect human. And somehow in middle of her stories, you find that she has a real relationship with Christ. So, if she can be fun and normal and a Christian, maybe you can too?

The Truth Project

This video series tackles the tough questions about Creation and science and history. The videos are well done and contemporary and you feel like you are taking a class since Mr. Tackett is standing in front of a classroom of adult students in these videos. The Truth Project folks prefer to have small groups borrow these videos and watch them in someone’s home to avoid the stress of being in a church and asking these tough questions. These videos offer a new way of looking at things you thought you already knew.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism

Tim was a popular minister in New York City and this short book tackles the big questions in a straightforward, easy to understand way that makes you feel like the logical thing to do is to believe in God. Contemporary and smart, this book feels like it dares to talk about things that everyone wonders, but no one ever brings up.

Mere Christianity

A super short book by one of the most popular Christian writers ever, CS Lewis also wrote the Narnia books and the Lord of the Rings series. Again, he writes in a contemporary style that makes you feel completely comfortable that he has thought through these questions about God and when he walks you through his logic, everything seems to make sense. This is the book I recommend everyone read who wants to actually consider if God is real.