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Would you like to organize your front desk team tasks? Are you looking to hire better team members?  Please enjoy these free resources you can use today to improve your practice.

Once you share your contact information, you will be taken immediately to a page where you can download this free material. Please feel free to contact me with questions about any of these resources – I’m happy to help!


#1: Organize your front desk team: Use an Ideal Day


Download a free, customizable template you can use to assign specific tasks to each front desk team member at specific times. Easy to use, this Ideal Day can be checked off as the day moves along so the team makes sure nothing is missed in the middle of a busy day.


#2: Organize your front desk team: Set up Systems


Download a free set of instructions you can use to turn the Ideal Day from above into a system your front desk team can use every day. Provides coaching on how to meet with your team to introduce this new idea, gain their buy in and follow up to make sure it’s used effectively.

Free Sample of Hiring Course

My first online course is ready! This online course is for offices hiring new team members to give an organized approach – check it out: Hiring Dental Staff.

Check out a sample video from this course:

This is just the beginning of the online courses that I will be offering. The next one coming available will be New Hire Orientation – a logical next step after you finish your interview process. Again, this course will help managers to establish an organized system for orientation.


Next up for online courses will be a full learning path for a new hire front desk team member. This will include a series of online courses – and again, this is designed to outsource the training of a new hire and save time for the manager.

If you’re interested in learning more about these online courses, please email me.

Check out the Hiring Dental Staff Online CourseCheck out the Hiring Dental Staff Online Course