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Dentrix Ascend Training: Forecasting for Huddle

Do you run a morning huddle? Most practices do.

If so, you probably review your performance from yesterday – and you look at the forecast for today.

Most offices look at production – what was completed yesterday, and what is scheduled today. You may also look at new patients. Certainly, you’re considering open time in the schedule.

For Dentrix Ascend users, here are a few quick tips on forecasting for your huddle.

Scheduled Production

Sched Prod

When you’re looking at your calendar – check the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see S (Scheduled) and A (Actual). When you’re on a daily view, it’s pretty easy to see what’s scheduled for today. This image shows you where to find the S & A.

This is also a quick way to see what your gross production was for yesterday – just look at the A (Actual).

If you need to forecast your full month, then another quick tip is to change your view to the week view. Week View

It’s faster to add up the scheduled production week by week (and if there are a couple extra days in the week – just toggle back to the By Day view).

Here’s a close up of the View for the calendar.

If you’re looking at open time, choose the small setting in the View as well – you’ll be able to see the whole week’s appointments and it’s faster to count up the open time.

Scheduled Appointments

If you’re tracking number of appointments – and you want to forecast, then you can either flip through each day and count (ugh!) or run a custom report to gather the data for you.

Custom Report Instructions:

  1. In Custom Reports choose Analysis-Schedule Report Builder
  2. In Rows – choose these items and put into the column: Day, Appointment Status, and Patient
  3. In the appointment status column – right click and  choose Filter. Now only include confirmed, left message and unconfirmed.
  4. Now you will see a list of patients for each day – you can see the names who are confirmed, left message and unconfirmed – these are all future statuses
  5. Export into excel and highlight the future dates through end of month to find your total.

As you prepare for your next morning huddle, I hope these quick tips are helpful!

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AUTHOR: Jill Nesbitt
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