Dentrix Ascend Onsite Conversion Training

Dentrix Ascend Onsite Conversion Training

Are you planning to convert to Dentrix Ascend?

Would you like an experienced trainer to guide you through the process and provide onsite training to reduce your team’s anxiety?

I offer full service conversion support for Dentrix Ascend to smooth out the transition and help your team quickly learn and get comfortable with this program.

Full Service Conversion includes:

  • Onsite planning visit to observe your practice operations, learn how you are using your existing software and demo Ascend in person to your entire team.
  • Coordinating with practice leaders how to best customize your Ascend program to your style of practice and patient flow.
  • Coordinating the trial conversion, customizing the trial for team training and review for any issues that arise in advance.
  • Creating a custom training plan for your practice – utilizing the Ascend remote trainers and providing homework to make sure the team is well prepared to use the program.
  • Customize the final Ascend setup
  • Onsite for the first days with patients to provide excellent customer service and immediate help.
  • Provide organized follow up to the manager for re-entry of any data for patients treated during the conversion, to make sure patient information remains accurate.
  • Following conversion, I provide training to make sure your collections, custom reporting, recare and patient communications continue to flow smoothly.


My experience includes converting 5 offices to Dentrix Ascend over 18 months across 4 states. I also have experience converting the Dexis for Ascend imaging program and can support this evaluation and conversion as well. I have worked closely with the Dentrix Ascend conversion, training and support teams for over 2 years and have the relationships to resolve issues quickly.


Benefits to you:

  • Reduce the anxiety and stress off of you and your leadership team by having an experienced conversion specialist manage this entire project and provide training.
  • Make the most of your new Ascend program through immediate customization tailored to your style of practice and patient flow.
  • Make lemons from lemonade – Take the opportunity to re-evaluate your existing processes to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of Ascend during the onsite planning visit.
  • Reduce ugly surprises through identification of incompatibility issues in advance and establish workarounds and solutions
  • Full team training based on patient flow to practice before you start with patients
  • Extra training and support for you, your manager and clinical lead – quick responses to “How do I do this now?” stresses and problem-solving for the inevitable challenges that arise
  • Extra set of eyes to confirm all data has been converted, including manual entry for any days worked during the conversion
  • 30, 60, 90 day reviews of all systems to make sure collections, insurance, recare, etc. are all on track. Also includes a review of the legacy software to avoid ignoring old collections.


Please contact me for any questions or discuss this service for your office:

Jill Nesbitt