#15 – Runs Statements

How to Run Billing Statements

Statements are sent monthly on the 1st or 2nd Thursday of the month. We have to close the previous month before we send statements so if the 1st Thursday falls on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month, then we move it back a week. The schedule for sending and tracking statements is in Excel: the path is: ____________-. This is where you will record the date you sent the statements. Make any notes of anything special in this Excel file.

Monthly, we send statements for balances at least $10+. Quarterly, we send statements for balances $3+. Be sure to note this in the excel spreadsheet.

We send statements based on billing type. Here are the billing types we use:

#1 – Standard billing

#2 – Superior PPO

#3 – Payment Agreements

#4 – No statement temporarily

#5 – HMO Health Ohio

#6 – Welfare – Ohio

#7 – Ortho Accounts Only

#8 – Bad debt – At Risk

#9 – Bad debt – To Collections

#10- Bad Debt – Written Off

#11 – DentaSelect PPO

#12 – Aetna PPO

If you are just setting up billing types, then I recommend setting up any new ones you need to include:

  1. Standard billing
  2. Payment Agreements
  3. No statement temporarily
  4. Bad debt – At Risk
  5. Bad debt – To Collections
  6. Bad Debt – Written Off
  7. Ortho Accounts Only
  8. Welfare / Medicaid
  9. Your 1st PPO Plan 
  10. Your next PPO Plan
  11. Continue adding billing types as needed – one for each dental insurance plan you join.

To add/edit billing types:

  • Office Manager
  • Maintenance
  • Practice Setup
  • Definitions
  • You can see the list you have now – and can Add / Change or Delete as needed.

Instructions to run statements using Dentrix:

  • Office Manager
  • Reports
  • Billing – this brings up a window “Billing Statements”
  • Statement date – today
  • Balance forward date: enter last month’s statement date (you have to keep track of this on  your own – I recommend using an excel sheet to track these dates)
  • Select Guarantor A to Z
  • Provider: All
  • Billing Type: Select the billing types including standard fees and all PPO plans only. If you include sending statements to patients you have set to a billing type that is not receiving statements, you will upset this group or if you send statements to the collections, write off or at risk patients we will have 10 times the number of statements processed and again, a mountain of upset patients.
  • Minimum balance to bill: $10.00 (once per quarter send all $3+)
  • Include credit balances: NO (DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX)
  • Sort transactions by patient name

There are several options in the right column. I recommend leaving all of these boxes empty:
 Skip accounts w/ claim pending if patient portion less than 10.00
 Include procedures w/ claim pending
 Print insurance estimate
 Print agreed payment
 Print account aging
 Allow credit card payment
 If not billed since (last month’s billing date plus one day)

Select Report Type
 Billing Statement

Click on box marked Statement Message:
Type in “Balance due 11/19/14. Thanks!”(This needs to be changed each time. Allow 14 days from the day you are processing statements). Then after the statements have been sent, our collections manager will be changing this date each day so it is always 14 days from today, since she sends statements daily for patients whose insurance has fully paid and still have a balance. Do not check any other items on this page. Compare with the next page to double check that everything is correct. When you have verified that all fields are filled in correctly, click OK. This sends the billing statements to the batch processor.

* Note the last month of each quarter you will run statements and change the minimum balance to bill to $3.00 (We send these statements quarterly so patients know they have a small balance to pay. In the past, people have been unhappy that they had a balance due that they didn’t know they had.)

Highlight the item listed as Billing Statements in the batch processor and click on the printer icon in the Office Manager screen.

Instructions for Renaissance

If you work with Renaissance, you would set the printer to RSS PMT on PMT first, then when you print this it will send this report to them. In the lower right hand corner of your screen it would show a small box that says “Preparing page XX.” This may take 30 minutes. While this is processing you can use the other programs on your computer. When it is finished with this first part, it will show that the billing statements are printed. Next, you will open the Remote Lite program (same one you use for processing electronic insurance claims). Update: NO. In the upper right hand corner of the Remote Lite box it will show – Patient Statements: and display the number of statements that will be mailed (by outbox). Log this number in the Excel tracking sheet.

Click “send claims” (same as for eclaims)
A series of black boxes will scroll through the screen (this takes just a few minutes)
Then it will show the Transmission Status
Compressing patient statements
Uploading patient statements
This takes about 5 minutes
Then it will show checking for updates, and claims sent. Now it is finished. Close the RSS screen/program. You can delete the statements from the office manager. Also, change the printer back to your default printer – go to office manager, click on file, setup printer and select the printer that you normally use.

If you have a problem and/or are unable to transmit the statements call 1-866-712-9584, to work with technical support at RSS. Note: If you have a problem and the statement que is built, but the statements did not get transmitted, and you have to rebuild the que, you will not be able to check the box that says – “If not billed since (last month’s billing date plus one day). This means you will have many more statements produced, but this cannot be helped. Work w/ the technical support people at the number listed above and they will be able to guide you correctly.


Signed off by office manager & dentist