Admin Level 4


As you begin the next three levels of your career, you will notice one major change. You can’t do it by yourself. You won’t have time to do all the responsibilities you’ve accumulated in the first three levels and add on 10-12 new tasks.


Now you’ve got to rely on those below you. You can try to tell them what to do. Bribe them. Yell at them. Give up and decide they are hopelessly stupid. These suggestions will only lead to your frustration.


The best chance for you to succeed is to support them in their own professional growth. Now is the time to establish a pattern that you will follow for the rest of your professional career.

1. Know what the others have learned
2. Make sure they are doing these tasks routinely and competently
3. Know what new skill each person is working on
4. Spend some time each week helping them perfect this skill
5. Don’t do anything for them on a routine basis that they can do for themselves

Find time every week to “check off” one or more tasks for each person on your team. Every person (especially you) should check off at least one task every other week. This should be a career habit!

Level 4 Administration

1. Checks appointment schedules for mistakes
2. Supervises front desk; Coordinates secretary positions
3. Clients with unscheduled treatment
4. Generates and sends recall postcards and call lists
5. Runs Reactivation program
6. Responsible for monthly statistics for staff meeting
7. Makes financial arrangements
8. Understands and establishes patient financing.
9. Enters Checks (Person & Insurance) and Handles money effectively
10. Enters insurance payments & insurance adjustments accurately
11. Processes insurance claims electronically
12. Keeps carrier fee schedules current in the computer
13. Helps clients with problems until they can get to us
14. Begins to take responsibility for trouble shooting computer problems
15. Runs statements
16. Ortho collection of current accounts
17. Coordinating Jail & Tipp Methodist Church patients
18. Learns Publisher and creates business cards
19. Runs Insurance remaining letter program
20. Runs warranty report for doctors
21. Insurance assistant tasks
22. Target marketing
23. Delegating effectively

As administrative staff advance in their careers, the practice grows and more team members are added – this is a great time to clarify which team members are responsible for each task in the office.

________________ responsible for the following: 

1. Runs insurance remaining letter – lev4
2. Insurance assistants tasks – lev4
3. Monthly statistics- lev4: Hygiene relationships built (qtrly), emergencies to recall, warranties, yellow pages tracking, 5 year reviews, Perio EOM
4. Manages messages on hold – lev1
5. These tasks are are special:

a. Coordinates nursing home visits – lev5 – this will become a significant project once the Ohio law is passed.
b. Coordinates for jail – lev4
c. Oversees staff recognition (attendance, bdays, anniv) – genlev4

________________ responsible for the following:
1. Oversees monthly large case acceptance – lev4
2. Oversees staff interviewing/hiring – lev4
3. Staff training – lev4
4. Responsible for overseeing typing in Word, Publisher for manuals & handouts/forms – lev5
5. Runs Reactivation program – lev4
6. Responsible for monthly statistics – lev4
7. Orientation of new staff – lev5
8. Marketing tracking lev4
9. Monthly statistics lev4– STM Success, Absenteeism, NP Referral report, Ortho EOM & aging, Refunds, Calendar

________________ responsible for the following:
1. Collections system – lev5
2. Recall cards – lev4
3. Dental insurance – lev5
4. Runs statements – lev4
5. Responsible for bankruptcies – lev5

________________ responsible for the following:
10. Oversees patient financing vendors – lev4
11. Coordinates staff events – lev4

________________ responsible for the following:
6. Monthly statistics: Open time for docs, RDH, run yearly, monthly recall and pedo call lists
7. Handles computer problems – lev4
8. Run thank you for referring plan for patients/staff – lev5