#14 – Modifying Patient Yearly Maximums

At times we will need to update a patient’s yearly maximum that has been used by another dental office.  Our Dentrix system will automatically update the patient’s yearly USED maximum benefits as the insurance payments are paid in the system.  However, when a patient has seen another dentist within the same year, our system does not “know” this without our help.

To update the benefits left for a patient in Dentrix:

  1. Go to the ledger screen
  2. Double click on any insurance claim
  3. Double click on the patient/insurance information box
  4. At the bottom of that box you will see the area marked “individual maximum benefits” and “benefits applied”
  5. Change the dollar amount in the benefits applied box to correspond to the patient’s used benefits
  6. Click on the OK button
  7. X out of the insurance claim
  8. To double check your work, switch to the family screen
  9. Look at the patient’s insurance box and the coverage line should now show the corrected “used” dollar amount

If the patient does not have any insurance claims in our system, give the information to ______ and he/she will update the system but creating a dummy claim, updating as above and then deleting the dummy claim.

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