#12 – Creates Financial Summary for Patient Account

Occasionally, clients will become upset over their finances – especially when they receive a bill they didn’t expect. They may wonder if our office gave them credit for all their payments or if the insurance was handled wrong. Often, when clients don’t understand their account, they get angry. A great way to diffuse anger and help answer questions (and of course, get your bills paid!) is to create a financial summary. Instead of just printing a ledger from your software, creating a custom layout that is easy for your client to read and understand can make a world of difference.

In this task, you need to create a breakdown showing charges, treatment (in patient friendly language) and all payments that you could use to work with an upset client.

Click on this link to view a sample breakdown: Financial breakdown

Now – create a financial breakdown on 2 different accounts just to practice reading through your software’s ledger and turning the information into a format that is easy for a non-dental person to understand. Once you have done this, review one breakdown with one of the assistants and the other breakdown with one of the hygienists in your office. If they can clearly understand your breakdown for the patient/family you selected, then you have succeeded!

Here are 2 sample situations in which you could use a financial breakdown to improve communication and resolve a client upset:

Situation #1

An upset Mom doesn’t want to pay the amount due from their child’s last visit because of a bad experience. She wants to know what money is owed for just this child’s appointment versus other family members.

Situation #2

A male patient wants to know the difference between the original treatment plan and what was treatment was actually done for his implant case.

To be signed off on this section you must be able to accomplish these tasks and have ______’s approval.

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