#17 -Controls money in the office

Handles money effectively

Lots of money flows through our office.  Your task is to make sure that the cash drawer is accurate daily

Also all bank deposits must be accurate.

Watch out for bad checks.  Here are some facts:

  1. 3/4 of bad checks are due to insufficient funds. Most of the rest are caused by closing out accounts.
  2. 70% of bad checks are written by women
  3. Most bad checks are written on accounts less than 6 months old.

What can you do?  Not much!  But here are 2 red flags to watch for:

  1. Temporary checks
  2. Checks with low identification numbers (between 000 and 200)
  3. Make sure address and phone numbers are current
  4. If you are suspicious, get a driver’s license or social security number.

What about an unsigned check?  If your client forgets to sign the check, you don’t have to send it back.  Instead write, “see reverse side” on the signature line.  On he back write “lack of signature  guaranteed” and place our usual endorsement.  This means our practice will take the loss if the client refuses to accept the check.

What about clients who are in for just one appointment, such as a cleaning or just a filling?

When the client comes to the front desk say “I hope you had a pleasant appointment.  The fee for today was _______.  Would you like to use cash, check or Visa/MasterCard?

If the client says, “Just bill me!”  response “Of course, if you will wait just one moment, I’ll give you your statement right now.

At this time give the client a walk out computer statement and a stamped self‑addressed envelope.  “Here you are ________.  If you’ll just drop this in the mail to me, it will save us the cost of sending you a statement and help us keep our costs and your fees as low as possible!”

Cash Drawers

Since we accept cash we must be able to make change with our clients.

Be sure to give your client a cash receipt so the transaction can be verified.

The cash drawer should start and end each day with $40.

Track cash in the am and pm daily in the digital cash log.

Keep track of any discrepancies by day and amount.  All discrepancies should be tracked through the cash log and also make your team leader aware of the Discrepancy.  If the discrepancy is not found within 48 hours it is the responsibility of the admin staff to make up the difference.

Cash Payments

Always fill out a receipt. Use one of the 2 receipt books that are kept at the front desk. Each receipt book is a triplicate. Give the client the top (white) copy. Place the middle (yellow) copy along with the cash payment into the locked cash drawer that is kept in the filling cabinet out front. . The bottom copy will stay in the receipt book in case there are any questions about the payment amount.


As soon as checks are received, they should be placed in the gray bag in the middle drawer at the front desk.  All checks should be made out to __________.

Procedures for Cash Boxes

Every morning the administrators on each wing need to count the cash drawer to start the day and record in the cash log.  The administrator is responsible for keeping track of the cash drawer and the key while they are the administrator for that day. The cash box is to be locked. If there is a mistake that cannot be found within a 1 day period, all front desk team staff are responsible for making the cash drawer right again. Before the morning administrator leaves their shift, they must count the box again and note the amount before turning over the key to the late administrator for the night. The evening administrator will count the box at closing and make note of this in the log and lock the box and put the key in the designated place before leaving. The cash box key is to be with the administrator during the day and at any meetings.

Making the Deposit

At the end of the day – add up the cash receipts and remove this amount from the cash drawer, placing the cash, change, and receipts in an envelope, then in the bank bag.  Record the remaining amount in the cash box into the log.  If you do not have exact change for the deposit amount, confirm you have the amount of money you should, remove as much of the deposit amount as you can from the cash box and alert ________ that change is needed.

It is the administrator’s responsibility to confirm there is change in the cash box and to alert Dorothy if anything is needed.

Signature Sheet for Cash boxes

By signing this sheet you agree to the procedures to the cash box and cash flow in the boxes. And as the daily administrator to be responsible.





To be signed off on this task:

Track cash for 1 month. Keep track of all discrepancies; try to find solutions for overages and shortages. Report findings to team leader when +/- and report at end of month findings to team.

______________________________________      ________________________

Team leader                                                                                            Date