#10 – Computer Literacy

As you advance in your levels you will also advance in your computer literacy.  You will be expected to grow in your computer skills and confidence just like you do as a dental professional.  In this section you will learn the importance of computer organization, video making, webinars, and advanced Dentrix troubleshooting.

Organization (Computer and Inbox)

As you are aware, we have our computer drives organized into folders so that we can keep all paperwork digitally organized.  This should carry over into your physical inbox as well.  Your inbox should be mostly empty so that when someone puts something in it, you will see it right away.  Ideally, each admin team member should have a drawer to keep everyday items in.  Please do the following:

    1. Where in the computer files would you save a project that you need to email to a patient?
    2. Where in the computer is the folder that tells us about the copier?
    3. Where in the computer do we keep the monthly recall call list?
    4. What is in your inbox right now?

Make videos

We record videos for marketing and use them on our website as well as on YouTube.  We already had a section on YouTube so you have viewed the videos, but now you must learn a little more about how to make them as well as see how to post them.  To complete this section, you must make a video in the office, then work with the dental office manager to see how we post videos.



Webinars are a convenient learning tool for us.  Dentrix for instance offers many webinars as well as DemandForce.  This helps us with new updates that the companies will offer to enhance our business and productivity.

Please choose a webinar on and one on DemandForce and tell me a little bit about each one you chose and why it helps us in our practice.

Advanced Dentrix Troubleshooting

So now that you can do basic Dentrix troubleshooting, you should start feeling more confident with more advanced troubleshooting.

Let’s say the Huddle Report is running incorrectly.  Can you tell me the steps you would follow to try and correct this problem?

You’ve noticed that your Dentrix views are not correct on the computer you are using. How do you set up these views?

What do you do if a technical support specialist at Dentrix tells you to reboot your system?

 Using a computer

As we move into more and more things being digital, you must use your computer for your daily habits at work.  We have so much information that you can access in just moments from anywhere in the office.  You can use a computer to store photos, scanned items, your dentist’s typing and correspondence, and you can even organize your specialist in the computer.

Where would you store a photo of our staff?

Where do you scan insurance cards into?  What would you categorize an insurance card as?  How about a health history?  A formal treatment plan?

What are the subcategories in the Suppliers folder?


Team Leader / Date