Admin Level 3

1. Follow up calls to clients with major treatment or are past due for recall cleanings
2. Broken appointments handled effectively

3. Keeps front desk running smoothly

a) Handles client referrals
b) Recognizes client referrals
c) How to handle non-client children
d) Asking a client to change a confirmed appointment
e) Defusing the angry client
f) Why people change dentists
g) Dental shoppers
h) Hints for a smooth day
i) How to prepare for Dr vacations
j) Snow Emergency
k) Administrator Flow Sheet
l) Checklist when you see a credit balance on the ledger
m) Handling attorney requests

4. Manages specialists – Orthodontist

5. Manages specialists -Periodontist

6. Manages specialists – Pediatric Dentist

7. Manages specialists – Oral Surgeon

8. Makes sure forms filled out

9. Word Processing for letters

10. Computer Literacy

11. Collections and Write offs – follow up step

12. Creates financial summary for client

13. Can enter information into the computer accurately – routinely

14. Modifying Patient Yearly Maximums

15. Enters Adjustment Transactions w/ Detailed Accuracy

16. Maintenance all office equipment effectively.

17. Controls money in the office

18. Mails cost-effectively.

19. Motivates first time patients to accept New Patient Exams

20. Coordinates for recall hygiene appointments

21.  Oversees and coordinates suppliers

22. Insurance Accuracy Report

23. Instructions to follow up on PTEs (Pre-treatment estimates)

24. Ortho Follow Up System

25.  Adds new insurance plan
23. Confirmations Call System Troubleshooting
24. Enters all checks (client and insurance) daily, accurately
25. Supervises high schools students
26. Manages the No shows and Cancellations System
27. Coordinates for partner organizations
28. Maintains all Past Goals
29. Establishes daily routine

_______________  responsible for the following:

1. Responsible for no shows/cancels system – lev3
2. Responsible for One Call Now system – lev3
3. Oversees cash drawers – lev3
4. Insurance Accuracy report – lev3
5. Responsible for overseeing all yellow pages follow up – lev2
6. Administrator of the Day
7. Peer Review – lev2
8. Manages Periodontist  – lev 3
9. Responsible for prime time, broken appointment lists – lev1

_______________ responsible for the following:

1. Responsible for DemandForce system – lev3
2. Oversees yearly, monthly, pedo client lists – level 3
3. Coordinates w/Vet – lev3
4. Supervises High schooler & pt time staff – lev3
5. Office equipment – lev3
6. Manages Pediatric specialist – lev3
7. Collections letters – lev3

_______________ responsible for the following:

  1. Listens to Yodle calls & coaches staff – level 3
  2. Manages Orthodontist – lev3
  3. Ortho Recall – lev3
  4. Runs Unscheduled treatment list  & summarizes at month end – lev3