#5 – Works with X-rays

We duplicate xrays for patients that transfer to another dentist (we always keep the originals) or for an insurance company that requires them for payment. Our goal is to provide clear, accurate duplicate x-rays.

A. Print Paper x-rays

Original x-rays are valuable in case of any legal challenges to our treatment. In addition, it is likely that the client will return to become a regular client in the future.
In any case, our client’s x-rays are only valuable to the dentist treating this client. This means we need to provide this new dentist, and/or insurance company clear, accurate duplicate x-rays.

There a few things you need to get started, so gather the digital camera, an x-ray view box , and patients chart.

1. Place view box laying flat
2. Place x-rays on view box
3. Turn on digital camera- switch camera to regular mode (don’t use GreenMode)
4. Turn off flash on camera
5. Focus the camera and snap your picture
6. Take memory card and download your picture into the patients file in Dentrix

To Download:
1. Open patient name and tooth chart in dentrix
2. Click open bridge gallery
3. Click on camera icon
4. Download from U drive
5. And now you can print and send out your duplicated x-rays

B.Print Digital X-Rays:

1. Open Patient Gallery
2. Select Patient
3. Insert glossy photo paper into copier, glossy side down
4. Print the X-Ray

To import the X-ray from the camera to Dentrix Dexis:
1. Take the phone card out of the camera and plug it into the receptacle attached to the computer in the x-ray closet.
2. “Import all new items now” will appear on the screen.
3. Click “Import.” This opens Windows Live Photo Gallery.
4. Select all.
5. Copy and paste to Desktop.
6. Open Tooth Chart in Dentrix, click the patient icon, and type in the patient’s name.
7. Toward the bottom of the Tooth Chart screen, you will see an orange tooth icon, click the orange tooth.
8. Click “import.”
9. Go to Desktop and highlight the x-rays that were pasted there in step 5.
10. Click import selected. Click done.
11. You will see the x-rays on the Tooth Chart Dexis screen and if there is more than one, hover the mouse over the bottom x-ray in the cascade until you see a hook appear. Click and drag the x-ray to separate each x-ray from the cascade.
12. Go to Desktop and delete the items pasted there in step 5.
13. Put the photo card back in the camera and delete the x-rays from the camera.
14. Return the camera to the location you found it.

To do this with Patient Gallery:
• Go to Patient Gallery and select patient.
• Click on the images. Export the image to Desktop.
• Open Tooth Chart and follow steps 6-12.

When you are all done just note in chart and in patient clinical notes duplicated x-rays sent.

To Print or email X-rays in EagleSoft:

  1. Click on the icon that has a tooth partly covered in blue labeled “View Images”- this brings up a window where all the images are stored.
  2. Select the x-ray you want from the list on the left & select Print or email from the icons above.
  3. To email – Click the To button & you can choose the patient name from the list
  4. EagleSoft records emails sent in SmartDoc automatically.


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