#28 – Secretary Level 1 Typing

One of the initial skills you will be developing as you start your career is learning to type information into our software system. Besides the value of adding new information to our level system. There are several skills your typing will help you develop:

  1.  Learn about all the teams: what are they expected to be learning in their careers?
  2. Learn that it is ok to ask questions. One characteristic that makes us different from most every other “job” is our emphasis on learning. Everyone, including the clients and dentists, are continual students. While your training manual provides you structured learning at each stage of your career, your typing gives you a chance to think, formulate your own      questions about the information you are typing, and then create a question.     Your question may be to the person who gave you the typing assignment or   it may be to someone else on your team. In fact, this is an opportunity to      reach out to members of the other teams to get to understand what they do,  and learn about their families and interests.
  3. Accuracy in everything you do. More than any other career, our secretaries must be detailed and accurate. Communication and accounts require accuracy. You will find from day to day that you will be very busy as a greeter. Other members of your team will be requesting your help on a regular basis.  You’ll also be given various documents, many on a tight deadline you are expected to meet.  You will be expected to understand all the notes on the typing sheet and type with few errors.  Once finished, you are expected to proofread what you’ve typed and only submit it when it is error free. For the rest of your years, you’ll need to fight the tendency to “just get it done and let someone else worry about it”. If you just type words, you are missing the point.
  4. Knowledge to build your career and understanding of our role in the communities we serve.
  5. Learn to work against deadlines. By now you’ve seen the fast pace of the front desk. Phones, computers, and checking out clients are only part of your responsibilities. All secretaries are assigned projects to be completed on deadlines.

Typing Projects

You are responsible for updating handouts and levels in any down time you have while working. Our goal is to have the updates to a level completed within 2 weeks of receiving a level. Our levels are located _______________.

In the Levels, each task is saved separately.  There are more folders to search in because of this. So, if you want to update a level for any track, you must go to the correct file and find the task. Open the task, make the changes & be sure to insert filename/path as well as the page number (both that page and the total number of pages in the document).  Use the same size type. Then, print that task. You will need to print every section that changed and put it into the binder.


When you are only updating certain tasks in a level, then you will only need to print that task. When you have finished upgrading a level, here are some guidelines for printing your revisions:

1.  If the changes in the page numbers would be very confusing, add an extra page at the end of a section and start the next section with the same page number.  When we upgrade the whole level, these page numbers can be corrected.  If you’re not sure, err on the side of making minor changes.

2.  If you edit a task title-edit the outline page of the level and the levels list.doc

3.  When you revise a manual, put that day’s date on the outline page.

4.  After you have printed your new version: Remove the old pages, Insert those pages into the binder, Put the old pages (loose) in front of page #1 in that section. You may delegate #4 if you want, especially if you are behind and don’t have the time!

See the transfer sheet paper clipped to the front of the material to be typed.  When Dr okays your typing he will return this sheet.  Follow the instructions.  Other secretaries will help you if you have any questions.

For photos: all are stored in: ___________ 

For a HealthPark employee to access the levels:

1. Open the website:
2. ID: general password: levels

To convert a level task from Word into WordPress

1. Open the website:
2. ID: typist password: levels
3. This opens you to the Dashboard
4. Click on Pages in the left column and then click on Add New
5. Now, go back to the levels – Open the task and copy the title only (copy is Ctrl C)
6. Go back to the website – Paste the title (Paste is Ctrl V)
7. Go to the levels – copy the content of the task
8. Go back to the website – paste into the content – Click Save Draft
9. Now Click Preview to see how this copied over – clean up any spacing problems you see
10. While you’re in Preview – Print. To print, go to the top right corner and left click the little box of lines – this brings up a list of options – choose Print. Be sure to print preview – you don’t have to print the About me section, just select the number of pages that include the content. Be sure to select 2 sided printing so these print front to back and save paper.
11. 3 hole punch this paper & put into the original level
12. Next, Go back to the Word document for this task and File – Save as – and move it to the folder X Levels moved to website. Delete this from the original location.
13. When you complete an entire level – for example, level 1 secretary – and all the documents are copied onto the website and then moved into the X Levels moved to website folder, then rename the “level 1” folder to “level 1 in website”


Instructions for Typist

You also will need to update handouts. Our handouts are located in: ______________________ Open these handouts from My Computer to make sure you open the correct program (Excel, Word, Publisher). All front desk computers (both East & West Wing) have Word & Excel. Check your computer to see if you have the Publisher program – go to Start, Programs and look for Microsoft Publisher.

All documents should be stored on the computer using their own file path NO MATTER what.  Revisions will be done with everything you type. All documents should include the path name of where you saved the document in the footer.  This way everyone can find the document for revisions or to make more copies.  If you move a file to a different location make sure you update this path.

Tips on where things are located:

  1. Most items are either stored in ___________ drive
  2. ______________ subfolder includes
    1. Daily Figures (day sheet file here)
    2. Sec Team (individual folders for projects each secretary are currently working on that are not saved in another location)
    3. Secretarial administration (Handouts and Forms are located here)
    4. _________  drive includes
      1. GP dentist (individual folders for each of our dentists)
      2. Levels
      3. Marketing
        1. Internal
          1. Testimonials
          2. Photos

30 day Feedback

You are doing an important job here and we want to review your typing with you after 30 days to ensure accuracy. We believe the more accurate you are with your typing projects, the more accurate you will be when scheduling appointments and setting up financial arrangements.

Your evaluator is: ______________________________________________

Here is a “report card” of your progress so far:

Perfect A
Good Try B
Could be Better C
Poor, get with me D


Grade                          Criteria

Spelling is correct – or uses spell check regularly
Quick speed of your completion (generally completed within 1-2   days)
Pays attention to formatting – doesn’t leave cut off sentences,   centering and justification is correct
This person reads the content to make sure phrasing makes sense   and offers suggestions


Things to work on:

______________________________________________________________________                                 ______________________________________________________________________

Completion of this task requires almost error free typing on a regular basis meeting deadlines


Office manager______________________                     Date____________________

Dr. Smith _____________________

Date _____________________