#24 – Specialist Referrals

For all patients being referred to a specialist outside of the practice:

A. Outside of our office – making the appointment
1. Escort your client to a private office to make this appointment.
2. While client is with you, call the dentist who the client is being referred to, hand the phone to the client to make the appointment, and record the date of the appointment. If this is an emergency or your client wants to be seen quickly, make sure this happens. If the specialist has no appointments available in the length of time the client prefers, excuse yourself and inform your dentist. He will discuss the timing with your client and tell you how to proceed.
3. If, for whatever reason, your client can’t make this appointment, give your client all necessary contact and referral information for him/her to make this appointment at a more convenient time.
4. Usually, you will make this appointment immediately. Enter name of doctor to whom referring in family file, with the date of the referral
5. Assure the referral form is written out by your dentist and give to the patient or put in chart if for internal specialist (should be done by assistant or hygienist)
6. Assure any necessary X-rays are emailed to the specialist and/or printed for client to take to outside specialist (should be done by assistant or hygienist)
7. Soon after your client leaves,
a. If your client decides to make their own appointment, call the referral specialist to confirm the appointment has been made. If not made, contact the client and ask if she would like your help in making the appointment.
b. Once the appointment date is known, make a green day box slip including the date of the appointment, who it is with, our referring dentist, and a reminder in 3 days after this appointment to call your client to see how she is feeling and to schedule her next appointment with us if necessary.

Referral follow up (endo, surgery, perio, ortho, pedo) after treatment
1. The doctor to whom we referred the patient will send us a follow-up response to advise what treatment has been performed, the date of the treatment and if there are additional appointments they recommend. Please follow the level for recording this information in the chart as timely as we can, and give the chart to the referring doctor. The doctor will update the salmon sheet with procedures and times should additional appointments be needed, and will return the chart to the secretary team. The secretary team needs to contact the patient to schedule any additional treatment, using the patient follow-up tray should we not be able to speak to the patient. The secretary will record all attempts to contact the client on the yellow treatment sheet in the chart and in clinical notes, making at least two attempts to contact to schedule. If unable to schedule, alert our referring dentist.

T:LevelsSecretaryLevel 1SeL1-Specialist Referrals.doc
2. 3 days after client’s due date on the day box note, pull file to see if we receive x-ray and/or letter back from referred doctor. If we do not have that in file, call that practice to follow up to see if appointment has been made/completed.
3. Once we know client has had treatment, follow up with patients insurance so we can verify patient’s remaining insurance benefits so we can let patient know how much they may need to pay on remaining procedures that need to be scheduled
4. schedule follow up treatment recommended by our dentist

We refer to ___________________– for orthodontics and _________________for periodontics and ___________ for oral surgery.

We typically refer to _____________________-for endodontics.

To get signed off, bring a referral for both ortho and perio that you filled out completely.