#27 – Pulling Charts for the following day

The charts are divided into three categories: Active, Inactive and those who haven’t been into the office in 7 12 years. The active charts are those patients who have been into the office in the last 2 years. The inactive charts are those who haven’t been seen for more than 2 years.

When you pull charts for the following day you must find them all! Check on the computer for any changes in the schedule. Clients can’t be treated if the doctor doesn’t have the chart. Save a panic tomorrow by hunting today. If you can’t find a chart, highlight the client’s name on a schedule and hang at the front desk so everyone knows to look for it and actually tell the other secretaries so they can help hunt for the chart.

The chairside assistants, EFDA’s and dentists need these charts to set up instrument trays, prepare the treatment room, and get familiar with the client.

If you are interrupted, put your initials on the schedule sheet and an arrow to show how far you have pulled. That way if someone wants to help, they won’t have to ask you.

A master schedule is printed each evening for the following day. Look for any changes in the schedule since you confirmed the previous day. Put the folders in the provider’s bin. File any folders of clients who have canceled and pull any folders of clients who have been added to the schedule. Often as many as eight changes will occur between the time you confirmed and the day actually beings.

Pulled folders must be rechecked and updated 2 days prior to date.

To print out a schedule
Open the appointment book module and move to the day and Dr. you want to print
Click File, Print appointment book view
Make sure the following are check marked:
Print day note
Print perfect day
Print amount
Click Print

You must repeat these steps for each Dr. /Hygienist schedule you would like to print.

Now, create a schedule for pulling charts – which providers work on Mondays? Which ones work on Tuesdays? This will become a checklist you can use to assign this task to someone in the office.
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Secretary Date