#7 – Managing filing bin & x-rays in a timely manner

Miscellaneous paperwork needs filed, x-rays need filed, returned mail needs to be handled. All this miscellaneous paperwork needs to be managed in a timely manner so that information is in the chart when the patient comes in. This is a daily project that is handled by the front desk team.

When xrays and letters from other dentists arrive in the mail, put them into the filing bin. The filing bin is located: _______________________. Mid morning, one of the tasks for the secretary team is to get the filing bin, take everything out and file them into the patient’s charts. If we have a high school student working for us, this is a great job for them.

When you receive a letter from another dentist, put the letter with the patient chart and put it on the dentist’s desk. That way the dentist can decide if the patient needs another appointment or any follow up.

Other paperwork can simply be filed into the patient’s chart – or, for chartless practices, we can scan the document and save it into the Dentrix Document Center.

When we receive the home fluoride test results, you need to pull the chart and give the original copy and the chart to the hygienist who last saw them, so they can review this information. Also make a copy of this result sheet and insert it into the Home Fluoride testing manual that we save and is located: _________________.

You’ll know you’re on top of the filing bin when it is empty by the end of every day.

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