#13 – Makes “How Feeling” and Transfer of Records Calls

Each day we treat many clients in pain. Many of our appointments are long, include injections, and involve cutting teeth or tissues. The doctors want to make sure all our clients are feeling okay the day after treatment. Each Doctor has his own way of giving out HF charts/calls. Dr. Smith will either give you these calls on a doc tape or in huddle. Dr. Pierson will put the charts in the appropriate section of the HF bin. Dr. Scharnhorst will send a doc email (similar to Dr. Smith’s doc tape) or in huddle.

Your task is to make sure all of these calls are completed. This is a priority. You may need to stay a little extra to get them finished. Pull the chart and become familiar with the treatment that was completed before calling the client.

Before you start making phone calls, open the charts and see if they need any treatment (including a recommendation for a comprehensive exam). Look to see if the treatment is scheduled. If treatment is not scheduled, please give the chart to a level 3 or higher. They will call and see how they are feeling and also to set up their next appointment.

There are two types of How Feeling calls:
1. The Doctor will request some How Feelings for a very specific reason (sensitivity, how does bite feel, etc.)
2. In general how are they feeling

For the specific call, be sure you talk to the patient. Do not leave a message at the first (morning) attempt to call. Look at the salmon sheet and the patient notes in the Family File to see when the patient prefers contact so you can try to reach them. If you still are not able to reach the patient at the second (evening) contact, you can leave a message, then give to the doctor to try to contact the patient.

For the general call, you won’t be able to reach some people. Make a note in the treatment chart and clinical note of your attempt to call and the time. You can leave a message for this – just make sure you notate LMOM. If the Doctor would like another call they will let us know.

If a dentist requests you to do a ‘how feeling’ one week or longer in the future, make a daybox note for followup.

This is one of your most important tasks. HealthPark prides itself on providing a caring, personal dental experience. These “how feeling” calls not only help us improve our after care, they impress our patients that we go the “extra mile” for them.

When you make this call, be brief, thirty seconds is usually good enough. Don’t leave the impression that you’re calling because your doctor thinks that something might be wrong. Reinforce that you’re calling because your doctor is concerned that they are comfortable. If there is any problem, ask your client to come in. If all is okay, thank your clients and tell them you’ll let their dentist know.

“Hello, Mrs. Nesbitt? This is Jill from HealthPark. Dr. ( name of treating dentist ) asked me to call to make sure you’re feeling great after yesterday’s appointment. Give us a call if you have any questions. 667-2417, have a great day!!”

1. No answer – Put chart back in the “specific”. bin for the how feeling’s if there was a specific concern. If this was a general HF you can place in the Doctor’s followup bin.
2. LMOM (Left message on machine) – LMWF (Left message with family) – After second calling attempt only. Give the chart to the Dr. that requested the ‘how feeling’. (Occasionally, the Dr. will return the chart to you requesting that you speak with the patient personally to make sure everything is fine.)
3. Having unusual pain – Urge the patient to return for an emergency exam to check the area. (Some sensitivity after fillings is normal; however, for any significant pain, the patient should come in.)
4. If you speak to patient write comments in chart and also in the clinical notes in the patient’s tooth chart.

A second concern is malpractice insurance guidelines. Be sure to write down on the yellow treatment sheet and make a clinical note:
1. The date
2. Time of call
3. Client’s remarks or LMOM/LMWF
4. Your initials

If unable to reach client, it is okay to leave a message on the answering machine after the second call attempt, unless client needs a follow up appt that needs to be scheduled.

*** Copy your completed how feelings

Transfer of Records
Into our Office

When someone wants to become a client at HealthPark, it’s very important to call the client’s previous office to get a copy of the treatment provided by this office.
1. This tells our dentists what procedures, materials, tests, etc. have been performed as well as any problems encountered.
2. Other information about the office’s relationship to the client is important. Cancellations, any referrals to specialists, problems with the office, is all good information to help our dentists.
3. Helps our dentists know how the client feels about some treatment that the client refused.

When making this call, make sure your client fills out the HIPAA release form first. This form should be faxed to the previous office before they release our client’s records. Be sure to emphasize that you would like a copy of past treatment as well as x-rays.

To find the client’s phone number, look in the Family File module of Dentrix.

*** Copy your completed transfer of records, documentation written in chart and give upper level secretary for check off.
Out of our Office

When a client asks to leave and requests their records be transferred, tactfully ask why. Mark down their reason on the green transfer sheet.
Put the request and a copy of the two page “good bye” letter on the dentist’s desk that last saw this client.
The dentist will divide the client’s file into four stacks.
1. unimportant- dentist will throw away
2. very important, but no need to send to client -these pages left in the file
a. health history
b. record of treatment not completed (salmon sheet, insurance form)
c. consent forms signed by client
3. Most important- we keep copies (yellow treatment sheets, x-rays newest pink sheet)
4. Important and give to client – dentist stacks these on top of the chart horizontally across #3 so you can tell the difference
a. Old pink hygiene sheets
b. Pictures
c. Lab slips
d. Paper x-rays
You should scan (front & back) all the documents with the copier. Save these in the document center for the patient.

Instructions: Press the scanner button on the copier, select the Scans folder and send all the documents through the feeder.
These documents will be saved as one .pdf file in F:Scans. Go to My computer and double click this file to open it and then copy it.
Next, open the family file for the patient and open the document center. Select Acquire and then copy from clipboard – save this as Patient Information. Write a description that says this is the scanned chart.

_______________________________________________ ________________
Secretary Date

Transfer records request

Patient name:___________________________________ Secretary: __________________
Date patient called:__________________
Additional family members leaving practice:_____________________________________________

Balance: $________________

May I let the Doctor know why you are leaving the practice?
… Leaving the area
… Members only insurance
… Other: __________________________________________________________________
__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
Date patient needs by:___________________
… Pick up … Send out
— Tell the patient that we will send the records to them, not the doctor’s office.
Address to send records to:(Patient)___________________________________________________

NOTES Dr. Smith:__________________________________________________________________

 Change patient(s) status to non-patient in family file
 Delete all continuing care dates in family file
 Note who/why leaving in Guarantor note in ledger
 Print quick letter – GP Patient Goodbye/Specialist patient Goodbye
Give chart(s), transfer records form & quick letter to patient’s Provider to separate records

After provider has separated chart
 Duplicate x-rays & paperwork per Provider’s recommendations
 Print clinical notes
 Mail to the patients home or place in Patient pick up bin
 Note on yellow treatment sheet “Date – Leaving Practice – Transfer records to Dr. ____” & your initials
 Put chart in supply closet to be broken down
 Put this transfer records form in file to be summarized for Strategic Plan why clients leave

_______________________         ________________

Secretary                                                         Date