#22- Handles an upset client at the front desk

Occasionally, a client will be upset, perhaps angry over insurance or finances or frightened over needing a root canal. Another upset that can happen is for a patient to show up for an appointment that is not in our computer system. Your job is to recognize they have a problem, be caring and help them get to someone who can solve their problem.

When you identify someone who is upset, you should acknowledge them. If your patient starts to cry at the front desk, it is very appropriate for you to stand up, put your hand on their arm and say something like “I’m sorry you are upset, can I help you?”

If someone walks up to the front desk angry about a bill or an insurance situation, it is appropriate for you also to stand up and say, “Boy, you sure seem upset about this bill – can I help you?”

By acknowledging the way they feel – and by standing up to meet them where they are, you can then direct them to a private office to discuss their problem.  It’s very important that you remove them from the front desk.  These upsetting situations should be dealt with privately, out of the hearing of the clients in the reception room.

Once you have the client comfortably seated, have a secretary in Lev3 or above quickly get to your client.  

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