#9 – Makes copies of end of day reports for doctors

Most dentist teams have a production goal for the month – and the responsibility of the front desk team is to translate this monthly goal into a daily goal and update the dentist and the team in the morning huddle.

There are two ways I’ve found that you can get the info you need for the morning huddle:

  1. Look at the Scheduled production and do the math
  2. Run a Day sheet

Instructions to Look at the Scheduled Production

Create a spreadsheet in excel to track the following:

  1. The monthly production goal
  2. The number of days the dentist team is working this month (count this up every month – it will change thanks to holidays, vacations and CE)
  3. Using an equation in excel – calculate the daily production goal using #1 and #2
  4. Now, using Dentrix – set up the view for this dentist team and then enter the amount scheduled for today
  5. Next, also using Dentrix – enter the total amount scheduled for the month (this is gross production)
  6. Enter the average adjustments/month (look at the last 6 months production adjustments and find the average)
  7. Using an equation in excel – calculate the total amount scheduled for the month and subtract the average adjustment – this is the more realistic production for the month

In huddle, you will tell the team that “Our monthly goal is $____ and as of today we are (on track or behind) the goal. Our month to date production is $_________ (be sure to use #7 here) and today we are scheduled for $____.”

In that one sentence, your team knows if they are good or if they need to try to work in additional treatment for the day in order to accomplish their goal.

Instructions using Day Sheets

Another way to find yesterday’s production is to look at the day sheet for yesterday – at the bottom, it will show you the day’s production and the month to date production. Again, this is gross production – so for the day you can go ahead & subtract any production adjustments you see listed. For the month, you could follow the idea above and determine the average adjustments/month and subtract that same amount every month.

To print each day sheet (if not automatically printed):

Go to Dentrix Office Manager
Click the Day sheet report icon (looks like a sun setting)
Select the provider you want – you can only print one at a time, so if you want to find the production for a Dentist and his EFDA, you have to print each provider separately
Select the date you want – usually yesterday (from yesterday to yesterday)
Make sure entry date is selected
Checkmark select totals:
Include MTD and YTD totals
Include Extended MTD totals
Include Provider totals
Compare to fee schedule 1 regular
Click okay – this will close the day sheet window & put the report into the office manager print schedule.
Scroll down to bottom of Batch Processor
Highlight day sheet chronological- unprinted
File, Print

Take charges (line 1) –(minus) credit adjustments (line 3) to get your total
These numbers are the ones to enter on the Assistant Goals spreadsheet.

These are the credit adjustments to be subtracted
a. Courtesy adjustments
b. Cash discounts
c. Employee discounts
d. Warranty credits
e. Pt financing discounts
f. New patient credit
g. Charge reversed
h. Welfare write offs
i. Senior discounts
j. Insurance discounts
k. Other: _______________________________

Print a Production Reconciliation in EagleSoft:

  1. Start at the home screen
  2. Select Reports – Financial – Production Reconciliation – this brings up a window
  3. Click Process button – again, brings up a new window
  4. Leave the default for All providers
  5. Select today’s date
  6. Click Preview Report – this brings up the report
  7. Print

This will print by provider – but at the end will show the total production for the practice. You can also select just one hygienist in the Provider field to run a report just for the hygienist.

Run End Of Day (EOD) in EagleSoft

At the end of the day, once you have reviewed routers and looked through the Production Reconciliation to make sure hygienists are getting credit for their patient care and dentists are also properly charged out, then it’s time to run the end of day report.

  1. Go to the home screen and click the EOD icon
  2. In the description field, be sure the correct date is selected (you can change this date if you’ve missed a couple days & are catching up)
  3. Next, click on the down arrow beside “choose the last transaction to include” and select the line item with the date that is the one that matches your description. For example, if you’re running end of day on November 10, then choose the transaction closest to the top of the list that shows the date of November 10.
  4. Click ok – it will start to process and then bring up a list of reports you can choose from.
  5. A popular default is to checkmark Production Reconciliation and Day Sheet. Click okay to finish processing the day.
  6. These reports will automatically print – and they will be automatically saved in the practice information SmartDoc.

To see past EOD reports (and EOM, etc. )

  1. On the Home screen, click Lists
  2. Select Practice Information
  3. Click the SmartDoc box in the lower lefthand corner – this brings up a new window and you can see all the documents along the left column saved here.
  4. You can print any of these reports any time.


Reviews Day Sheets and Daily Reports

This task requires reviewing the days transactions to catch accounting errors.

Besides reviewing the day sheets and daily reports, you are now responsible for reviewing all the recorded charges and payments for each doctor on a daily basis.

Mistakes to look for include:

Hygienists getting credit for:
1. Periodic exams
2. Restorative (unless hygienist is an EFDA)
3. TMJ splints
4. New Dentures and partials, crowns.

1. Restorative ( unless assistant is an EFDA)
2. TMJ splints
3. New Dentures and partials, crowns.

1. Duplicate tooth numbers – for example – sometimes same treatment can get charged out twice or treatment options can get charged out (cannot extract the same tooth and do a root canal on it in the same day.)
2. Mix up between anterior teeth and posterior teeth when notating fillings and crowns.
3. Information charged out on Doctors that were not in that day.
4. Information charged out on Doctors that do not perform those services. (Ex. Our orthodontist does not do Root canals.)

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