# 14 – Computer Literacy

The ability to work with computers and solve computer problems is very important in our office to maintain a smoothly running environment. Computers play a larger role in everything we do and in the future we will become chartless, so the stronger our computer skills are, the easier this style of practice will be.

a. Label Maker Troubleshooting
Let’s say the label maker is acting up and not printing any labels. Can you tell me the steps you would take to troubleshoot this problem?




b. Publisher
Being able to work with Publisher is very important in our office because our brochures and business cards are typed in this format. It is very important to add a filename and path to each document you type so that we can locate it when we need to print more.
Please do the following tasks:
1. Design a new flyer in Publisher and add a filename and path. I want to see that you can set up our standard cover and style. Print it to be evaluated.
2. Locate the brochure for sealants. Are they covered by insurance?
3. Locate the Oral Surgery brochure. What types of anesthesia do we offer?

c. Confirmations
You will be passed on a section of this level that shows you know how to use our ClientTell Confirmation system. You must do this properly so that our patients get their reminder calls with the correct time and date. As a result our schedule will stay full, which is very important as well.
Write down the following information:
1. What is our account number for Client Tell?
2. What is the phone number for customer service?
3. How do you listen to a call that was made?

d. Install a monitor or a UPS backup
Occasionally a monitor, a backup, or even a computer tower will fail and need to be replaced. We do expect you to be able to replace a monitor or backup and know where we keep extras of these items. Please install one of these items and let me know so I can look at it and make sure it is correct.

e. Understand the difference between a Thin Client and PC.
A Thin Client is not a regular computer. It functions only by connecting to our server. It has no hard drive, so you cannot save information onto it, but you can save information onto a shared network drive. We have a few thin clients at each front desk area and since they all run off the server, if we have a server problem, all these thin clients will not work.

The reason we have thin clients instead of computers is that they are less expensive. The downside of thin clients is that you cannot connect anything to them, such as a printer, label printer, etc. You also cannot use them where you need to show x-rays because they cannot hold the graphics card needed. That’s why we only have a few at the front desks and in the dentist offices.

If you are ever on a tech support call and they ask you to reboot your computer – you must know if you are working on a computer or on a thin client. If you’re on a computer, that’s fine, but if you’re on a thin client – you will be shutting down the server! This will stop all the computers in the office from running our dental software!

So, how do you know if you have a computer or thin client? Take a look. Thin Clients are smaller and thinner then regular PCs. They don’t have a DVD/CD player or any plug-ins in the front for a USB. Regular computers usually are larger and have DVD/CD players. Our computers are also connected to the server, but only to keep all the Dentrix patient data in one location – if the server went down, the computers would stop running Dentrix and other shared programs, but they would not stop functioning.

Please tour the office and write down which stations are PCs and which are Thin Clients.

f. Reads our Website
Our website is a very important marketing tool for us. As the world advances into being all-digital, clients enjoy the convenience of visiting our site to “view” our office, “meet” our doctors and staff, and make appointments. Clients can also view our contact information, read reviews from other clients, and print paperwork they will need for their visit.

Explore our website and answer the following questions.
1. Schedule an appointment so that you can experience what our patients do.
2. Tell me how to print a Health History (pretend I’m a client on the phone)



3. What type of discount do we offer New Patients? What type for pre-paying in full? Who do we use for Patient Financing?



I feel that ______________________________ is proficient in Basic Computer Literacy.

_______________________       ________________
Upper Level Secretary                                  Date