#4 -Uses Fax Machine Accurately

Fax machines read documents (much like a photocopier) and convert the information to electronic signals sent over standard telephone lines. The receiving machine converts the signals to printed form.

Our outgoing fax machine is located: _______________________________________________

Our fax number is _______________________. Your job is to check the fax machine several times a day to gather and distribute any faxes we receive.

When you need to send a fax, make sure that you have a good copy to begin with. If it is too light, make a copy on the copier and darken it so it is easily readable. Likewise if it is too dark, make a copy to lighten it. Next, complete the cover page (cover pages are located: ___________________________).
Lay your fax face down in the fax machine, dial the number and press send.
You will know your fax went through when the fax machine ___________________________________.

The toner for the fax machine is located: _____________________________.

____________________    ___________
Secretary                                            Date