#3 -Uses Copier

The copier we have is a ____________ purchased in ____________.

It can do the following: _____________.

Learn how to:

  • Single / double sided copies
  • How to scan – and where does your document end up?
  • How to fax
  • How to change from black/white to color
  • Where is paper stored?
  • What is the process for ordering new paper when we run low?
  • Where is toner stored?
  • How to replace the toner? What do with the used toner?
  • Where do you see that the toner is running low?


  • How can you clear out a paper jam?
  • What is the model of our copier?
  • Who do we call when the copier breaks and we cannot fix it?

When you can do each of these on your own, have the office manager sign you off.

If anyone ever calls on the phone and wants to get information about our copier forward the call to the office manager– these calls are usually “scam” calls, trying to sell toner.
__________________________ ________________________
Office manager                                                Date