#2 – Keeps reception room & business office clean and neat

Every day you need to straighten the reception area. Plants are to be watered. Trim all dead blooms and yellowed leaves when they first appear.

Once every 2 3 weeks the magazines need to be sorted. Only keep the past month and only 3 weeks back for weekly magazines. Place the old magazines in the lounge for staff. Also check the children’s books and throw away any books damaged beyond repair.

Keep the brochures looking neat and slots full. Add any new information as it is included into each area.

Once each month go through this checklist. If any item isn’t excellent let the office manager know.

How is our reception room?
1. Room temperature 70 – 73 degrees
2. Humidity comfortable
3. Rooms are odor free
4. Adequate lighting
5. Clients aren’t seated in sun’s glare
6. Window sills are clean
7. Window shades are clean
8. Furniture is dusted, stain free
9. Carpet has no stains
10. Doors, walls, switch plates clean
11. Light fixtures clean
12. Lavatory mirror, sink, toilet clean
13. Lavatory soap dispenser clean and full
14. No peeling wallpaper
15. Magazines current and not torn

Magazine Rotation

In Lobby: keep Current month, and next month (example: if this is October – have Oct. and November. If weekly magazines, keep most recent 4 issues. Exception: If damaged or torn covers pitch

In Operatories: When done sorting in lobby use older (August and September if this is October) in operatories and toss older ones. 1-2 magazines per op.

You are responsible for keeping the reception room cleaned up.