Admin Level 1


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Admin Level 1: For Administrative Team Members

Basic Skills

1. Comfortable with Word, Excel, Email, and basics of Dentrix/EagleSoft

2. Keeps reception room & business office clean and neat

3. Uses copier

4. Uses fax machine

5. Works with x-rays

6. Understands Health Information Privacy policies and procedures (HIPAA)

7. Managing filing bin & x-rays in a timely manner

Dental Practice Specific Skills

Handling paperwork and documentation for the dentists, plus basic organization skills and a system for following up on patient treatment

8. Making Clinical Notes to Summarize Letters From Dentists

9. Makes copies of end of day reports for doctors.

10. Noting new patient referrals

11. Uses a personal organization system, the 1-31 day box & the secretary binder

12. Learn how to be safe and avoid injuries

13. “How feeling” and transfer of records calls

14. Computer Literacy 

15. Confirm appointments

16. Reviews notes on doctor’s tapes for follow up action


Training on the using the telephone professionally (great phrases to use and what not to say to patients),

17. Use of our telephone system.

18. Understands and uses telephone professionally.

19. Handles no shows and cancellations


Training on how to schedule an emergency patient, a cleaning (for kids, adults, perio maintenance), new patients and treatment plus checking out patients after their visit. The concepts apply to dental practices no matter their practice management software, but detailed instructions for Dentrix are included throughout.

20. Scheduling Concepts

21. How to Schedule Using Dentrix & Eaglesoft –  a. Dental Cleanings,  b. Emergencies,  c. New Clients,  d. Treatment

22. Handles an Upset Client at the Front Desk

23. Checking Clients Out Following Treatment

24. Specialist Referrals

25. Establishes daily routine & Tracking of Open Time

Special categories

High school helper specific duties and tasks to keep a greeter occupied when she’s not greeting patients

26. Files charts efficiently and keeps files updated appropriately – only for offices using paper charts

27. Pulling Charts for the following day – only for offices using paper charts

28. Typing

29. Tasks for our greeter

30. Our High School Senior Helpers

31. OSHA Sickness/Injury List Updated

32. Scavenger Hunt

How do you know you have finished this level?

When you’re ready to finish a level, you not only know how to do each of the tasks listed above, but you also have a system set up so that you are actually doing each task. It’s not just what you know, it’s what you do! So, the systems you should have set up in order to complete this level include:

  • You run an end of month report to find all new patient referrals and document them in your dental software
  • You have a copy of your office Privacy Policy available for patients and you gather a HIPAA signature from every patient
  • You have a system for getting “How Feelings” and Confirmations done every day
  • You have answered the Telephone questions and have reviewed/approved these with your dentist – same for how you handle the no shows/cancellations
  • You know exactly how to schedule every type of procedure your dentist provides without having to ask