#2 – Set up Insurance Fee Schedules

To set up EagleSoft fee schedules

  1. First, look to see what fee schedules exist. Lists, standard fee list, then look at Lists, fee schedule list
  2. Next, find out which patients are assigned to which fee schedules. Reports, patients tab, Patients by fee schedule
  3. Now you can either create a new fee schedule or edit an existing one. Lists, fee schedule list then uncheck the top two check boxes. If you don’t uncheck those boxes, you must be in single user mode to edit these fees.
  4. Next, attach this fee schedule to the insurance company. System tasks, update lists, insurance company.
  5. Next, set EagleSoft to always use the standard fee schedule as charged out on all claims for all insurance. Edit employer, preferences, bill standard fee.
  6. Now, instruct the team to look at today’s schedule. Find patients with this insurance plan and make sure their fee schedule is attached to their employer. (Instructions at Dr. Haney’s) And, if these patients have an existing treatment plan, you must recalc fees inside the treatment plan under view all.
  7. Train the insurance manager on how to update fee schedules so she can continuously edit the PPO fee schedule as she finds new codes that she enters an adjustment for.
  8. Create a daily tracking form for the front desk team to make sure that they check patients with this insurance plan two days ahead to attach fees, go online to find the benefits and enter the percentages and recall fees on existing treatment plans. Eventually, everyone will be connected, but depending on how many employers have this insurance plan, it could take awhile.