Hygienist Level 2

1. Takes patient photographs
2. Uses prophy jet and ultrasonic scaler
3. Takes only necessary x rays
4. Screen emergency clients
5. Effectively introduces new client to dentistry
6. Can Use Computer
7. Places Sealants
8. Demonstrates use of Oraquix
9. Uses intraoral video camera (Acucam)
10. Reviews client charts for next day, huddle
11. Does accurate periodontal probing
12. Understands fluoride and can counsel clients
13. Understands and can do soft tissue management program for clients effectively

a. Philosophy
b. Developing yourself professionally
c. Science
d. History
e. Medical history
f. X-ray evaluation
g. Establishing a client relationship
h. Behavioral skills
i. Motivation appointment
j. Answers to Questions
k. Commercial Aids
l. Setting Health Centered Goals
m. Client comfort
n. Calculus
o. Furcations
p. Irrigation Techniques
q. Antibiotic therapy (1999)
r. Perio Maintenance visit
s. Computer charting
t. Marketing the control appointment
u. Malpractice considerations
v. Review of Important steps
w. Focus on the future

14. Understands periodontal disease classification
15. Scales and root planes effectively
16. Calls clients and records in folder
17. Spends 1/2 day with Dr. Hamal (periodontist) and discusses with Dr. Smith
18. Cleans dentures effectively
19. Keeps track of fluoride sample tests results
20. Maintains Dental Implant Health
21. Removes Overhangs – Uses Profin
22. Uses Caesy
23. Diagnodent
24. Considers Magnification
25. Commitments
26. Oral CDX
27. Whitens teeth
28. Uses topical and local anesthetics (from RDH level 3 #17)
29. Counsels wylitol usage
30. Maintains production goal for 3 consecutive months
31. Ideal Day