#25 – Prepares for huddle

You will attend the huddle of the dentist who will be checking your clients that day. There are several reasons that you go to this dentist and not to the “first available”.

1. Your report lets your dentist know what you plan to accomplish on your clients (commitments, mis-schedule – need help, etc.)
2. You report on how effective you were the previous day in gaining client commitments.
3. What problems did you have in your schedule and what help did you receive.
4. This is your chance to shine for your dentist and the staff. Show your organization and effectiveness. Be on time and prepared.

Have your team leader help you write this. Get a copy of your schedule for the next day and fill out a client profile sheet on each of your clients.

1. Filling out “initial client interviews” form
2. Commitments – make notes on salmon sheet
a. any clients need 5 year review, CMX
b. any outstanding treatment not completed
c. any new treatment that needs to be discussed (missing teeth, whitening, etc.)

Check your patient charts

  • Review medical history: 1. Do they need a pre-med?   2. Is the health history more than 3 years old?
  • Check for uncompleted treatment
  • When was last cleaning?
  • Have they had any treatment in last 12 months?
  • Read personal notes
  • What was their pocket depth at prior cleanings?
  • What level of health are they at?