#13 – Uses Free Time Effectively

There will be times in your day when you have free time. The sign of a potentially great staff member is how you use this time. Don’t sit down at the front desk and visit with the secretaries or hide in the staff lounge and watch TV/read the magazines. Help others. Here’s a list tasks that will make our office run better and you fit in better.

1. Check to see if there is anything you can do to lighten the Dr.’s work schedule.
2. Does other hygienist need help?
3. Do the assistants need help?
4. Do the secretaries need help?
5. Any lab work to be done?

If all the above are done, make sure:
1. Hygiene instruments are sharpened and put away
2. Supplies are plentiful and stocked in rooms.
3. Handouts are in order and there are enough
4. Name and file pictures of clients
5. Look for Dentistry that might need done or pts. That day that could fill your hole or can a pt. be put in there.
 ex. CMX’s, start STM promote a crown or bridge or home whitening
 – if this doesn’t work then try these:
6. Do a How Feeling call on patients that you have worked with in STM or need a crown or a bridge
7. See team leader to see if you could help on some pending project for the Dept.
8. Thoroughly clean your hyg. operatory
9. Maintenance equipment – prophy jets, oil handpieces
10. Help team leader review charts for the next day – get organized.